Hidden Dangers of ESK8ing - Causes & Effects

Esk8 is the reason i’m broke


hurry up and wait wait wait :slight_smile:

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Serious bursts of frustration because I had to wait for parts. Very dangerous for my environment.


Safety 3rd


Ok, i’ll start it off. I have had the gt2b cause the board to full throttle when signal is lost. This is scary stuff. Luckily, that controller doesn’t have drop outs, really every, so I only found out on a fall where my battery came out.

The other thing I have experience is dropped signals due to the metal pieces which act as a port on the servo cable detacting from the wire. Theirs very little space inside of those connectors, and thus, they can’t use much solder. Due to vibrations over time, those cables will come loose, and you will get intermediate failure. This is why I solder everything.

Even soldering everything, I’ve had the wires soldered to the servo pins fail. I desolder the ports first (canbus and servo), then solder everything directly to the vesc through the boards holes. And then your issues will disappear.

I have neoprene foam on the inside (basically everywhere my vesc touches the enclosure–has a foam in between) to dampen vibration. Nothing have disconnectet yet! Also, every connector is duct taped or hot glued or both lel


I used to solder to the canbus pins of the vesc, then hot glue the port so it’s basically potted. I still had issues with pins breaking or connections coming loose. I got so feed up with my 4wd board when this happened to 3 of the 4 vescs, despite knowing how to do this potting correcting (having done it many times before and not having many issues. So I solder straight to the board now, and no issues so far (and I don’t expect any). I hot glued around the holes too just to give it some extra support.

not sure if this is accurate, but the faster you are going the stronger the brakes feel. So when you’re braking from 8 mph its fine but braking at 25 are just scary which is why I dont use the brakes at high speed.

I tend to carve to slow down then use the brakes. Ive fractured my arm because of the difference in braking

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I need to get my braking settings down. My brakes used to be way to weak on 2wd, now on 4wd, they are crazy strong. Any settings you recommend changing to make brakes weaker without lower the amps I’m sending back into my batteries?

With any remote you have to test and program the failsafe. Make sure when remote turned off it stays in neutral. Press throttle then turn off remote it should go to neutral. There is still a chance for remote failure but minimized

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Lipo is serious problem. Running high speed really adds the trouble.

Dropped signal or bad remote signal could cause severe accident even at normal speed.

Shorting VESC from splashes could cause suddent dead, leaving you with no brakes at high speed.

Phone vibration (radio signal interference) sometimes interfer with the signal causing the board to have pulsing signal.

Bolts coming off or wheels coming off, serious problem with whatever circumstances.

Downhill no brakes or brake current cut off from VESC due to over current.

Unstable lipo discharge, bigger caps help minimize issue.

Shoe with laces not thight securely can end up choking your belt drive and or motor causing serious braking power while locking you in place.

When traveling on car path, keep space and slow ride. Sometimes some people open door or getting out from parallel parking might have you slammed really hard to the aspath or the car its self.

I like to ride with traffic at the same speed as the flow of traffic. This way, you avoid the pebbles in the bikes lanes, and you won’t get door dinged in the middle of the road.

My battery regen is static at -8A for 2 VESCs for -16A total (4P max charging current). I change my braking force by adjusting the motor regen. Currently I’m at -45A for each VESC and it’s been pretty good for me. I would just take what you were using with 2WD and halve it for 4WD.

I’ve posted this several times, but here’s my story


It was too weak before IMO, I was doing -6 per vesc for -12 total, now I’m doing -4 per vesc, for -16 total. I might try -3 and see how it feels, cause my I can stop from 20 mph in less then 10 feet, if I can stay on the board, lol.

What about your motor regen?

The longboard fall that I had the worst injuries until now was related with the use of the brakes on my LecDec longboard. I was testing the breaks and learning how to use them, it was my second day riding and I was not prepared.

I reckon what @barajabali said, I was a little too fast and the break force came to strong. I gave one or two steps running to balance myself but the fall was inevitable.

The result was a scratched hip, a well scratched elbow and a little scratch in the knee. All thanks to wearing the elbow, knee and hand protection (besides the obligatory helmet). I can’t imagine how my hands would be if I hadn’t the hand protection.

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This 1000x. I almost crashed the first time I used my brakes at high speed, the are way stronger and faster at speed causing a quick jerk which can easily lead to a scary speed wobble. I ride with my brake dragging slightly so I donthought have to worry about the jerk when it first cones on.

Unexpected faults from custom firmware. Sometimes it happens when riding on a flat - no biggie. Sometimes happens when you’re breaking and decide to use the cruise control feature - that was a concussion, several hours I don’t remember, and mild tinnitus that eventually went away (I hope).

Lesson - Custom firmware is hard to make and harder to test. Wear all the armor and for flux’s sake be prepared to foot brake!