High current switch solutions?

Because relais cause a spark inside at high voltages - so they will wear fast and will not work after a number of “switchings”. There is a reason they are used at only 12V.

relays will burn out very quickly if used for eskate. the current and voltage ratings on auto relay are no where near high enough.

Can you post some links??? I’m also trying to figure out how this is wired. If you are stepping down the voltage how are you getting enough volts through to the ESC?

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There will be no problem at all. Of course is not a pernament solution and you will need change after 1000 switch or more but is still best choice. You can use a 24v relay if you are afraid.

@lowGuido sorry for digging this, but it has been almost two years since you post it about this circuit breaker car system. my questions are: 1)are you using this method yet? if no, what are you using instead?

2)have you had any problem so far in these two years? if yes, how many times did you have problem as far you remember?

thanks for your time

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So I have a question here also. One of ebike shops here is offering this

it’s 63 amps fuse with switch and they are saying that they add some resistor to have a “softstart” together with this switch. What do you think?

my daily rider, (the one in the pictures above) that I have been skating for 4 years now uses the circuit breaker. still going stong. I used a simmilar system on another board but somone crashed it into a kerb and it physically broke. (but still worked oddly enough)

I replaced it with a loop key because its cheaper and easier. all my later builds just use a loop key.


Solid stuff. The biggest downside for me was the size

yeah, its big and ugly. but its pretty much idiot proof. the main reason I used them was so that I could wire it to turn on the board, isolate the lipos and turn on the lipo guard alarm all in one go. simple switch that anyone without an electronic engineering degree can operate.

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I was going to use a relay out of a li-ion golf cart, their system is 34s not sure on the amperage but it has huge gauge wire going to it.

Will this work? https://www.amazon.ca/Qiorange-Battery-Disconnect-Isolator-Caravan/dp/B07DKY2WW3/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

Looks like it’s sized right. I don’t know much about that type of switch, though.

You know that the thread it 4 months old lol :slight_smile: @Matthias

Yeah… I was googling automotive relays for esk8 and this was the first thread I saw. I want to use an automotive relay for mine. It’s a bit undersized, but I doubt I’ll draw 20A continuous.

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I won’t recommend that. A relay is pretty sensetive so after a few weeks of use the vibrations may cause the relay to fail. ( sparks between the relay sides…) :smile:

Inkedrelay-parts-hd_LI Right here :wink:

@hyperIon1 has a switch solution

Huh, makes a lot of sense when you see it. Thanks for the info! Are contactors subject to the same vibrational issues?

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I’m not 100% sure but I wouldn’t risk it. Whata about a loopkey? :smile:

I have a loopkey installed already, but I prefer it as a backup solution. I had the @torqueboards powerswitch, but they can’t seem to process my RMA after 6 months, so I think its time to find an actual solution.

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