High speed (40-50 mph) build! I need advice/help please

Okay so I am trying to build a longboard that will have a maximum speed of 40-50 mph & go a range of 12 miles or above.

I am 17 years old, 145 pounds and am very decent at longboarding at high speeds. This isn’t my first electric longboard and have gone up to 30 before and I am craving that 40-50 mph range.

I want to plan this build out first and was thinking of these components


Motors (2 of them):

VESC (2 of them): collections/featured-items/products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

Battery(4 of these, 2 in series and 2 in parallel to double both the (s) and (mAh)):

Deck: I’m not sure, any recommendations?

Wheels: Any flywheels at or above 97mm

Trucks: I’m not sure for this

These are the parts so far, what I need help/ advice on is, what gear ratio do I use for the motor and where can I get a motor mount and also if what I have will get me to go 40-50 MPH, any suggestions would be SUPER helpful since it’s my first time actually building a electric longboard from scratch!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Also ps my budget is 800-1100 usd

Use this: http://calc.esk8.it

Need for speed huh? I would try this motor: https://m.banggood.com/Racerstar-6368-BRD6368-280KV-6-12S-Brushless-Motor-For-Balancing-Scooter-p-1117657.html

It’s got a higher kv rating for more speed, you may want to gear it down to a 12-14 tooth motor pulley. It’s also got a 10mm shaft, so you’ll need a motor pulley with 10mm bore. Eskating.eu has some custom pulleys available. With 10s or 12s you should be able to hit 40+ mph.

most you’d be able to go on 280kv is 6s… erpm limits

i recommend a setup along the lines of 190kv with 12s geared like 15/25 for 40mph


For batteries those are a good choice and motors seem good. The problem is gearing. Basically with the components you have, you’d have to run somewhere around 18/36T gearing in order to be able to hit 50 mph. I don’t know of any E-sk8 vendor that sells motor gears larger than 16T. Check SDPSI.com (http://www.sdp-si.com/products/Timing-Belt-Pulleys/index.php) I’ve gotten a few motor gears from there and they’ve been great so far.

I’d recommend getting the motor mounts, and wheel gears and belts from the same site you got the VESC from. Get caliber 2 trucks to fit the motor mounts off amazon for $35. (Good price considering they are legit caliber trucks and not fakes).

For deck, get something as stiff as possible. Pretty much any longboard deck will do, just make sure its really stiff to avoid speed wobbles (I’m sure you know this as you said you’re already a long boarder)

Go li ion lipos are boring


Please wear proper gear when attempting these speeds last thing we need is someone getting killed or seriously injured and new laws coming in


Boring? That’s not the word I would use :joy:


But honestly for a board like this, lipos seem the way to go. He wants to stay within budget and he’ll need to pull a lot Amps to hit 50 mph, and lipos are better suited for that.

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1100 dollars means it’s possible he should have bought my raptor slayer that’s supposed to go 66mph theoretically


Okay, you’ve now peaked my interest, where is is for sale, and how do I get more information on it?

Just missed it it ended up going to some guy in New York who’s gonna try racing it

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Torque boards sells 18t motor pulleys

Could you get like a 1:2 ratio (1 on the wheel, 2 on the motor) idk if this would be possible but its an idea

I wouldn’t use a cheap 10C rated lipo… look for something at least 20C or higher discharge. Cheap batteries are often over rated. I don’t know how many times we have to go though this… yawn!

If you want :punch: go lipo for the leaky membrane and it’s capacity to deliver big amps on demand If you want a fecking huge battery go li-ion

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I think youll be lucky to get past 40mph on a belt drive with out risk of your speed your controller blowing due to excessive erpm unless you are using a ridiculously tall gear ratio <2:1. If you are willing to sacrifice the the torque, efficiency and motor heat to get to those speeds Id highly recommend using an FOC box at least. Better yet consider the VESC 6 (over double the erpm limit of the 4.12 VESCs) with an even higher KV motor so you can keep you gear ratio lower.

Then of course there’s always other options that involve crossing over to the darkside :wink:, but we wont talk about those here.


I think hitting 50 mph with 2:1 ratio is definitely possible, and arguably the easiest way to hit 50 mph.

I agree with everything else @BigBoyToys says though. After all, he knows all about those high speed builds


Normally I wouldn’t recommend car ESC like the X-Car Beast one from Hobby King though if this board is meant solely for speed, it’s probably gonna be the only way to go due to the ERPM limits of the VESC. Also I would definitely recommend 20C minimum if your going with foil pouch LiPos.


Maybe it is easy and ive just never seen anybody try it, idk. Im not a high speed belt drive specialist, Ive only thought about the basics involved. To keep under 60k erpm and still hit 50mph you’re gonna need under a 2:1 gear ratio even with 107mm super flys. So maybe a 17/32 ratio and hope you can hit 85% theoretical max?

Id actually really love to see this done so I can compare it to my 49mph board in terms of efficiency, start up torque and time to reach top speed :).

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245kV motor 107mm wheels GR 2:1 12S pack Max speed under 60k erpm = 53.7mph

Lets say you lose 20% efficiency, you’re looking at 42.9mph.

I would spend my money on dual motors (sk3 6364s) 150 and escs 200. Then 250 for a large ass lipo and bms. 170 for abec 11s. 30 on remote. 100 on motor mounts, gears and belts. Finally 150 on deck and trucks. 50 on enclosure. $1100 build.


Okay so should I use 200 KV Motors with 18t/16t and 97 mm wheels with a 12s and VESC?