High speed downhill death sentence

Hey guys using foc mode have all me settings set up like the tutorial but today had an issue. Riding down this steep hill this morning and lost brakes!! Luckily no oncoming cars but as soon as I slowed down a bit everything started working again? Is this because of the max/min Eros at full brake? Please help

I assume that you have fully charged your battery and then noticed the problem?

If your battery is at 100% and you try to brake the VESC will generate energy. this energy cannot be stored … Because it cannot be stored the VESC says: Nah, i wont brake because i do not know where to put the excess energy :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you are in a steep area dont charge to 100% :wink:

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Or increase ur max voltage and then at worst ur batteries will be over-charged

Is it 57V at default, isnt it?

I think so. And then u hit that with the voltage spike going downhill braking. Don’t see why not just increase it. What would be the downside…other than maybe if u really are over charged u could blow a bit

‘‘blow a bit’’ :joy:


Ok that makes since but it also stopped while giving it full throttle up hill. Only for a second or 2 but I slowed a bit and it took right off??

Was your board fully charged when this happened to you? I had a similar experience this week but I believe it’s because of the belts… I was at 70% battery, was slowing myself down to 20km/h down a hill, a car was coming up the hill so I tried to slow myself down further… One of my belts snapped and it felt like i had 0 braking power left from my other belt. I was left accelerating down a 25% hill and my brakes on my remaining motor seemed to have no effect, I ended up jumping off at maybe 50km/h (im ok now and my board seems to work perfectly-just needs a belt) I thought that I felt no brakes because a single motor cannot do much to stop me at 30+km/h but there is a chance that it was the vescs (on foc) not braking either, though they seem to work fine after the crash

Ya it was fully charged and I have a single motor and mine does pretty well braking me and I’m 215 pounds also I have my brake set at 40 but that’s just for my safety. I love where there are a bunch of cars zooming around.