Highest quality motors 190 kv for 12s?

I am really hard on my setup not from misuse but pure shredding and I have had torqueboards 190 kv motors just wondering if their is a higher quality motor as I have went through like 4

The SK3 motors are always going to be much favorite motor


my setup is faster than most I would imagine and I literaly am doing 40 mph everywhere I go and if im not going forty im in a powerslideor hitting a driveway or …well yopui get the point I treat it like it costed 50 $$and not a lot more but it is abuse that needs to happen

I have those motors and they seem pretty good. What happens to them that they go bad? They break, bearings go bad, overheating or something like that?

These are precision motors with 10mm shafts. I’ve been using them for a while and they are holding together well for me.

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I have a couple TBs 190kv motors and they’re good to go. If you’re geared for 40+mph then you’re probably running extremely hot going up steep/long hills. If so, this isn’t a motor quality issue, it’s a system design issue. Have you blown through any vescs yet?

you would think but really oddly enough Ive been shredding religiously every day for a year solid and honestly ive never not been able to put the back of my hand on the motors after gnarly hill climbs . I have burned through four or five vescs but eversince I swithched to the vesc-x I have had absouloutly no vesc issues . not sure why correct me if im wrong or not but why would you ever choose the standard vesc over vesc-x . ? its so much more durable and user friendly

Vesc-x is much better than overrated vesc v4.x… what’s your setup single motor, dual motor, 6355, 6374?

yes but VESC 6…:smiling_imp:

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Dual tb 190 kv dual vesc-x 12s4p 36\18 gearing on a Madrid downhill deck


how big are those wheels?

90mm they are pretty much awesome no problem sliding at high speeds

yeah the 90mm 81A slide well once broken in. I have a few sets in different duros. I used them on my downhill speedboard for years

Your “fish” is growing a bit. Haha I don’t mean to call you out, but I gotta call BS on your 40mph “everywhere you go”

12S @ 190kv, 18:36 @ 90mm can’t do 40mph with a person on it, unless you’re going downhill, or have found a way to circumvent the laws of physics


has it at 43 theoretical with 80% efficiency.

Maybe he’s not actually doing 40 everywhere, but he’s probably damned close most of the time. Especially if he’s jockey weight.


Yeah, 43 sitting upside-down on the bench without a load

I did the calculation too. Top speed will be around 35mph or less. Not trying to argue; I was curious because a true 40mph is no easy feat on an e-skate

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Based on your other thread you seem to have figured out that our recommendation would have been dual 6374 motors lol. The only way to fit them on standard caliber trucks is diagonally. Also be aware these motors are heavy, but if you are overheating things I don’t see another option.

If you use nominal voltage for your calculations then those numbers will be pretty accurate in real world. Using the same setup as him but instead using 15/36 I got a top speed of 35mph. Using 18/36 should break 40mph

Thank you.

Using nominal voltages and about 80% efficiency on those calculators seems to reflect what i’ve actually been able to do on the street and i’m 155 pounds on the board, not on the bench.

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sorry 38 mph and slight downhill ive hit way more than 40

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and my gears are 18t/36t and I assure you my board does 38 on flat all day long standing up straight with my jacket unzipped