Highest quality motors 190 kv for 12s?

thank you longhairedboy for standing up for me \

Is there anyone in the bay area that likes to shred this fast I seem to have left all my friends at there sketch point where they don’t want there boards to go any faster:

actually i just built a 190kv 12S board on 97mm flywheels with a 15/35 ratio which reflects a theoretical max of 39.9mph at 80% efficiency and my apps had it bouncing off of 40 during street testing so i’m pretty sure i have figured out how to tune that calc to my own weight just by using the efficiency setting.

also i was using my own motors for this not that it really matters. Well it matters to me, i like my motors.

How do the motors break? Probably the windings are shorting from vibrations and the magnets are fine. If you first cover the windings ain a “conformial” coating, glue, and glue the leads solid as they come out of the motor in the future I bet it’s good. I’m in sf but only hit 30!

… and it was on this board.

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We should skate in sf

As soon as somehow 50.4 volts gets applied to my battery I’ll meet. Want you to try my board tell me what u think. I’ll be winding the motors in the future and it’s a gamble what kv they end up so maybe 40 mph will happen, or I could shoot for 40 if someone wanted.

Im broke for real and waiting for my supply to come in the mail so can’t ride. Raining now anyway. If u have a loaner or for sale (to be paid later!) laptop 48 volt supply anyone in sf I’ll make it worth ur trouble.

When did you get 18T motor pulleys?, I need them real bad!

I got mine from SDP-SI. They have every size you could want. Plus you can even download the 3D models

My new drivetrain will have a 18T or 20T motor pulley to 34T wheel pulley. Currently running a 1:2 ratio (16:32), but I need more speed and less torque

I got mine from dexter he doesn’t have them on his site though you have to ask

Thats a good accomplishment but be safe dude i stepped off at 34mph lets just say i can’t run that fast and the medical bills costed more that the estate itself. sad day i ride a dual 6374 12s lipo

So I built a 12s5p on 190kv 6374s with a unity. And tried a flipsky esc on same setup. Motor max 80 was set at. Went really far but maybe 28mph max speed. No where close to the assumed 65mph on this calculator!!. I dont get it. I weigh like 160lbs. Im light. What am I missing??? And yes my motor pulleys were custom HTD 5M-30T-15s!:grin: