Higo 9 PIN Cconnector

Does anyone have a set of Higo 9 PIN connectors? I have a set of Carvon v4 TD, finally getting around to this build and now I cant find them. So, yeah, Im a dumbass…someone help the dumbass out :slight_smile:

I only need the female side x2. thanks


the name of them are like "electric bike 9 pin connector " if you Google it and y’all find many electric bicycle websites selling them with different amp rating

Send them an e-mail, I’m sure you can work something out.

That was actually the 1st one I googled, but the shipping is ridiculous…


Thanks anyways.

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I didn’t see that

Let me check with our manufacturer, I may be able to get you 2 of these for cheap, just not sure what shipping will be. Which bullet connectors do you need? And which sensor connector as well as their positions?

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Thanks brother, I appreciate it.

3.5mm bullet connectors, male JST2.0 sensor connector

Its the standard sensor wire position, 5v & Ground on the outside middle wires are auto sensed. They will be connected to FocBox’s if that helps any.

@mikenyc said this back in february…

hey, i helped a friend put these together over the weekend. the higo connector it comes with is pretty straight forward. the three hall sensor wires match the phase leads colors of the phase leads. that leaves the black and red wires which go to the ground and 5v pins. the only weird part is soldering on a bullet connector to the phase leads because the wires are really thin.



I think this is what you need. I’ll ask for a shipping quote for 2 to Alabama and I’ll let you know as soon as I have it. Should be less than $35 :sweat_smile:

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Awesome, thanks brother. I really appreciate it.

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@mmaner those connectors look awesome. Do you know what current they are rated to?

20a ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍

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hmmm maybe not then

Could have sworn that Luna cycles carried them. I don’t see them on their site anymore. Maybe give them a ring?

I’ve also seen them on Alibaba if you want to go that route.

Ive seen them on Alibaba and Aliexpress but its 20-30 days out, so I’d rather get them somewhere closer or at least somewhere that will ship out this month :).

Ill give Luna a call and see what they have to offer. thanks

I’ve got an extra set I can ship you.

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Awesome, let’s see what @BoostedBuilder comes up with 1st since he’s allready on it. If he doesn’t come up with it I’ll get with you. Thanks :grinning:

Sounds good. Where are you located?

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I still don’t have an answer so if you can get your hands on a set earlier by all means go ahead!

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I’m in Alabama, I can PM you the address. Let me know ow what I owe you.

Thanks for trying. I’m always surprised by how helpful folks are here :grinning:

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Says you!! - the giver of the givers :grin:

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