[HIRED] San Jose area esk8 wizard needed - thanks mods!

Hey Millenial Falcons - any of you butt-boarding whiz kids located in San Jose and need some extra money? @psychotiller lol

Kidding aside friends, I have a couple of esk8 assembly & config projects that I need help with.

Without going into anything dramatic, precision soldering is presently beyond my fine-motor skills, and wear your helmets. I don’t have a drill press to do enclosures properly, anyway.

If anyone is interested in doing good work for good money, lmk! Thanks!

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I’m in Santa Clara. What do u need done specifically?

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@anorak234 when he gets back from his trip probably will take you up on the offer great dude and knows a lot of stuff


Thanks my friends.

First project is one in a series (I have 3 projects total like this, all different boutique builds).

Pimp my Meepo: the MEEVO:

All parts are in Sunnyvale or in-transit (Riptide, eBoosted)

I’d ask the builder to do a good job: write down step-by-step details on the build, with photos, and post it here so the community could benefit and see your craftsmanship. Credit is yours.

When we post the Meevo benchmarks on Reddit, we’re going to drop the 12S3P in the Meevo that we just got from @chase and race the Meevo 12S against the @psychotiller Carvon Evo that we just got from @chris.hunt because we can. :cowboy_hat_face:

If 12S fries the Meepo ESC, we’ll simply replace it until the benchmarks are complete. We know top speed is goverened by the Meepo ESC and it’s not a race - the point is to walk more people towards the joy of DIY, purely for fun and to showcase your products.

Next up: restomodding the last NOS Gen 1 Evolve Snubby (we know of) and making it as “pure” as possible; it’s from Jeff’s second- or third production run. Seeking the lightest weight possible, (Jeff’s OG snubby is sort of like a mini-Vanguard), minimal flexible enclosure, FOCBOX, digital remote.

Stuff like that. lmk!


I might be interested, located in Saratoga.

Do you expect your helpers to take parts home to work on on their own time, or will you be supplying tools, all materials, and a workplace etc to use?

I’d love the cash but I wouldn’t be keen on having to invest in working for someone else. My tooling at home isn’t up to snuff in my opinion.

EDIT: Also are we talking hourly rate or sum payment upoun completion? I’d also like to know how much you mean by extra cash, but I understand if you don’t want to publicize that. Pm welcome.

it’s all good :slight_smile: I respect you for asking directly.

I don’t own tools in California; the builder would definitely need access to a shop.

I have been advised by the Jedi Masters that $25 USD an hour for ten hours of basic assembly sounds crazy, but that’s what I’d pay the right artist for solid, honest work.

Hay I own a workshop that can be applicable for these tasks when does it need to be ready by?

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Also that 12s3p pack is going to get some protection.

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Ah that’s a shame, I wish I had more tools here, seems a little out of my grasp. Best of luck, hope you find the help you need!

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Sorry bro it seems pretty simple but school starts soon and I don’t think I will have enough time, sounds like an awesome project tho so good luck to the builder

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