Hit battery cutoff on the way home, had to improvise

Riding through downtown los angeles during rush hour is definitely faster on a eskat8 in the bike lane than a car. Also faster than bicyclists, I get very confused looks from riders when I zoom past them in the bike lane.

And on a daily basis get stopped to explain what the hell I’m riding on.

Good times.


try riding at night with full underglow leds and headlights on your board. the drunk looks are priceless!

you coming to this on sunday?

yea no lights yet so hesitant to riding at night.

do you have any posts about the lighting on your board?

@Titoxd10001 told me about the CivLvia some time ago when i picked up pulleys from him but i’m out of town this weekend. damn, wanted to go too. i’ll have to meet you all up next time.

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thats too bad this one is a realy nice route.

I actually have a spare front shred light(new), and some 12v rgb strips I took off my old board. I’ll give you a deal if you take em both :sunglasses: