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HK-GT2B Replacment

I was recently searching for the Hobby King GT2B to purchase one and do the Bad Wolf mod… But they are all out of stock and if I can manage to find one they cost an outrageous amount of money… Until I stumbled upon this…

Does anyone have any experience with this version? It looks exactly the same with different branding… Have any of you used this to do the Bad Wolf Mod? Would you recommend this for eSk8?

Thanks for your time!

It’s the same thing so it’ll work if you find it in stock.

It’s available on Amazon which is where I buy them

FlySky FS-GT2B 2.4GHz 3-Channel Transmitter

I actually bought one a few hours ago from eBay to do the badwolf mod :smiley:

Will let you know how it turns out.

Ok, have you done the bad wolf mod with it? Thanks!

@mohammedex Awesome! Let me know for sure!

Yes works fine as long as you follow instructions

Ok thank you! Did you follow the endless sphere instructions that he has a link to on thingiverse?

Yes they’ll help out a lot and be patient if it’s your first time doing it or you’ll break the print

Do you have any expiremce working with this controller with the FVT 120a esc?? Or does everyone love this controller because they use it with the VESC Wich has the throttle smoothing… do u think it would be a good controller for it?

to be honest. I dont use the VESC and i have no problem using the 120 amp fvt. the controller is a controller. It’ll work fine on whatever ESC you hook it up to.

And u have no problems with throttle smoothing? (Not to much instant torque)

I used it with hobbywing 150a XERUN ESC and found that it can give you too much instant torque with those ESC’s. In the beginning it nearly (but never completely) threw me off the board a few times because i wasn’t very careful. You get used to it tho.
Now I can’t even remember the last time the torque made me uncomfortable.

@JLabs I used the FS GT2B for a Badwolf Mod and it went well. I’m using it as my daily controller now and I like it. [Here’s the thread for my mod.][1]
[1]: http://

I have a flySky at home, it was my first remote and came with my original 6S Enertion kit. Its busted up, cracked handle, held together with a zip tie and i had to reconnect the battery wires once. It has seen more crashes than Launchpad McQuack and its still here, driving my latest rat board. Total reliability, just like the HKs, i have one of them too. They’re identical except for the sticker.


This might be an alternative. No modding needed. Nice and compact.

That looks familiar, i think i’ve seen that on an esk8 shop before.

Thanks @treenutter I am assuming that you got the print off of shapeways, its looks really nice… Did you replace the switch (red) it adds a nice touch…

@trbt555 I have never ordered anything off of alibaba and do not trust it at all… do u have any expirence with them?

@JLabs Yup, I used Shapeways. When you print with them you can select the color of each part so I went with the black\red theme of my build.

I would suggest, given the shape of the BadWolf enclosure, that you do not print it in matte black like I did… it looks like a small handgun; the kind that skiddish neighbors and\or police might take note of in an uncool way.

Hey @JLabs, I have ordered plenty of stuff from Aliexpress. Your protected if you don’t get your stuff, which has only happened to me once. If it does happen, the refund process is pretty quick. It does take a while because 90% of the items are shipped from China. That particular controller can be ordered from .

I’ve ordered off Aliexpress a couple of times, never had any trouble.
If you’re in the US, @torqueboards is selling the same controller on his site.

@treenutter do you know how they printed (SLA or FDM) and what type of filament they used? I have my own FDM printer and was wondering how the got the smoothed finish look?

And thanks! @trbt555 @mccloed