HKGT2B Receiver to VESC connectors

Hey everyone, Looking at getting the last items for my build - for connecting the VESC to a hobbyking 2.4 GHz controller, which connectors should I purchase? I’ve seen 3 pin servo cables, but I’m unsure of which type of connector I need - is it servo male to male? I’ve seen six pin connectors as well, not sure if that works for the HKGT2B. Currently recovering from appendicitis, so no rush. If you have an amazon link, that’d be much appreciated!

Its JR Male to Male Wire Cable, just choose lenght. So something like this:

Hey, I thought it should be female to female if it’s anything like other recievers (since there’s pins on both vesc and reciever) If I’m wrong then I wasted 97 of your cents… Sorry But I hope you recover soon :slight_smile:

U got your controller yet? I got a gt2b and it came with the cable that connects to my ollin vesc

@Pablo_702 I did, but I hadn’t had time to open it - went to the hospital, and came back to the University after getting discharged. The HobbyKing GT2B included a JR male to male connector? I’m assuming the 3 pin is the only connection I need to create with the receiver for the controller to operate properly after binding.

Cable is in box with remote, but if not then 3 pin servo definitely female to female FYI.

@caustin My understanding, for cables at least, is that the “male to male” title indicates that the wire connects male 3-pins on one PCB to another male 3 pin header on another; in this case, the 3 pin on the VESC to the associated 3 pin on the receiver. Here’s an example:

We are agreed, he needs the cable you linked to, though probably not 10 of them lol. One cable with 2 female connectors which yes allow male to male connectors to connect.