HOBBKYKING 24 HR SALE - 6374 sale 55€

Great hobbyking deal for those that do not need sensored motors


Thanks! Tempted to get a pair for a project, but im afraid sensorless wouldnt be good for it.

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Add sensors yourself?

Can’t, would need a few more tools for that job and at the end cost as much as a already made motor with sensors then.

But i see lots of people run these motors on EMTB so maybe it could work.

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i have a dual 6355 unsensored setup and it sucks when having to stop and start at traffic lights. Starting without pushing is possible when i use my 6355 on FOC but only on flat ground. Is someone using those sk3’s on a emtb ? No issues to start from stop when your feet are strapped to the board?

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Really? Are you using the vesc? I also run dual 6355 and starting from a stop is reasonably smooth considering no sensors. You just have to pull the trig more than you would think, just hit it with some amps and it will soon get going.

Side note, those eBay/China escs are butter smooth, they run foc and without sensors they start from a stop with like 1 tiny cog and then your rolling

yes , using vescs , i also only need a tiny cog to get it started but there is no comparison with my sensored hub setup when riding trough the city… I might still go for the HK’s sk3’s however as i don’t have the patience to wait 1 month for 6384 sensored aps motors. What 6355 motors do you use ? also APS?

I am using the Keda 195kv 6556 motors from hobbyking too. I think they are great bang for ya buck. Btw they are mislabelled by HK it says 5663 or something like that but they are actually 6356

I was thinking about the Keda motors for my 1st build . They look great and indeed the price is attractive. At the time i was looking at the 6364 keda 190kv version. I went for the APS 6355 unsensored instead but kind of regret that i didn’t take the sensored ones (the 6355 sensored were out of stock).

I haven’t tried sensors but if possible might try and add them to the sk3 motor I am turning into a direct drive


sensored 6374 sk3’s with direct drive , that will be great!

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Bit off-topic, I have two 6374 on a shelf at home. The big bearing is totally out of comission on both. Tried to find a replacement that dsnt cost a fortune (the replacementkit on hobbyking is 12 euro each) and maybe buya 5-10 of the bearing for future abuse. Any ideas? Had trouble finding the correct dimensions.

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I have a feeling the website gives the wrong dimensions, I am probs wrong though

Because I cant find the bearings with the dimensions- 1x 38mm x 25mm x 7mm

But there is 37mm x 25mm x 7mm - which is called 61805 Bearing

hmmm, maybe thats why I couldnt find any

Just measured, they appear to be 25 x 25 x 7



Find the inner diameter, outer diameter and then the width!

Yep, the big bearings are 25Id x 35Od by 7 width

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