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Hobby King lipos

What is the best combination of lipos to buy from hobby king>

Zippy 8000mah 6s.

oozing quality but good luck find them anywhere. hobbyking always says theyre in stock but they always cancel my order 2 days later due to stock issues.

I dont need range, and would be looking at 5000mah only.

The Zippy Compact 5000/25c 6s are decent. and only around $56 unless they go on sale again. They where $26 a while back. But even at $56, there a bargain. They are probable about the thinnest 6s in 5000/25 that I’ve seen. I’m using them on my dual motor build in series for 12s and so far there doing well. But if you run them too low they go bad real quick. I ruined a brand new set by running them too low one time. Now I usually swap them out before they go below nominal voltage 44.4v. I can usually go a good
7 miles by then.

yes, I have 2 of these guys in parallel. Ridiculous range. And they have had no issues, even after over 1000 miles of riding.

beast mode Lipos

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