Hobby King Motor Mount

I just received my hobby King Motor mount. It feels dam good and study . Fits my caliber ii trucks perectly . For 7.89 + shipping pretty freaking good.


I’m working on my first build so still waiting for parts. How to check if it fits a 63mm motor ?

That does look pretty sturdy. Any idea if it’s going to hit your deck without using risers? How does it look as far as motor spacing to the ground? I ask because it can’t be adjusted. Also looks like you mounted it upside down.

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Can you please give me the link to this product? I am also working on my first build and using 63mm motor. Thanks

How about a side view with the wheels on the ground? The way it looks now, is that the motor will be closer to the ground than the truck hanger? If so, no bueno… or maybe it should be flipped???

yeah my board doesn’t have raisers yet nor are the wheels the right size . I just got a complete board for the same price as caliber trucks so the height aren’t correct yet . @psychotiller

https://hobbyking.com/en_us/motor-mount-5.html @potato


Haha I don’t know how to mount it I just have it on. It’s not really final adjusted .

That doesnt look bad at all. It’s just going to depend on your wheel choice and motor size.

Sweet. Looks pretty good!

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Hey it’s how enertion first started lol

Look at them now all grown up playing with the big boys

The killer con on the mount is the non-adjustable angle, but man for $8 who can really complain, this is why competition is important!


Whats the distance between the top and bottom motor bolt slots? Their product page has no information. How is the clamp surfaces in the product photos they look all lumpy and strange shaped?

So it’ll fit a variety of trucks.

I ordered a couple just to check em out, but my main question is the material? It looks plastic.

yeah only downside is its not very adjustable but the material is very good. think its aluminium not sure but very sturdy. not plastic.

That was my question! If it’s metal it may be a viable option.

The motor that came with the kit was a 5035 so I don’t think it will fit a 63mm motor.

I too ordered one last week but it was on back order. I did not need a Mount I just want like the design and the price. Hope to have to soon.

How is it not very adjustable? Looks to me like you can just loosen those bolts and spin it on the axle of the truck as little or as much as you want, then tighten up again? Is that not the case? I thought those ‘teeth’ of the clamp just bit in to the truck…

I would be very curious to see if it could fit 63mm or not… Looking at doing a first build and would love an inexpensive mount to just see how I like it.