Hobby King Motor Mount

Does this have any grub screws or anything aside from the two bolts to clamp the mount together around the trucks ? I like me some grub screws on my motor mounts. Makes me feel good and i like saying grub.


The teeth are just groves for the mount to mount to not to bite down

Haha no no grub screws :cry:

I measured the bolt pattern for my motor and the mount and it looks like it should fit

tension fit then huh. Better get out the ole thread locka my man.

Anything i ever want on hobby king is always on back order. They should rename the site to Backorder King or we only sell 2 items per listing per month king. SMH…


Assuming these are aluminum or stainless, they might be ok. My concerns are the material & usability with 63mm motors. If the construction is well done, you can fit 63mm motors and they don’t crack/break I will be surprised. If all that is good then they are a hell of a deal for 8 bucks.

While talking about clamp on motor mounts, I feel obliged to say I think a 2 piece is the best option, at least I’ve see less slide and trueing issues with 2 piece clamps. That being said, the @psychotiller RIPBA motor mounts are unbeatable. The cup (for lack of a better word) slides on the hanger, placement is always correct and always straight. The 4 grub screws are solid, you just need to pre-drill the hanger and use locktite. I had to mill my Paris 195’s to make them round, but I imagine you could do the same with Caliber II’s.

Thanks for the review Mr. Maner!!

For the record, Any truck can be used with my mounts as long as it can be milled round to 18mm. The easiest fits are obviously my trucks, randal r2’s and r3’s, seismic aeons, santa cruz road riders, Buck 195 Trucks, Paris, liquid attacks and even the gullwing sidewinders!

A little elbow grease and these are straight, solid, reverseable and fully adjustable.


dang! RIP the competition. Hobby king is getting into the game!

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2 questions

  1. Will this fit a 63mm motor?
  2. Will this work with a standard 36t/15t and a 255mm long belt or 265mm long belt?



I just want to know what size motors the mount fits!

I also want to know how many teeth are in their wheel and motor pulley kit.

I can’t believe that they didn’t write any of this down…

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That would they know what it is they are hawking

@twan would you be so kind to take a pic of the mount, make measurements and write them on the picture for us and put it up here? It would help us a lot in figuring out fit to our motors!

Many thanks!


Just got my sk6374 motor today . Looks like the mounting holes will fit. I just need to buy longer screws. Anyone know the screw size ??


M4 is the size of the screw. You’ll need to measure the mount thickness to figure out the length you need.

4mm - is in the motor specs

How thick is the Material?

I dont know why they made it narrow in the middle, wld have gained a lot of strength leaving it straight.

…If it fails it will fail in that narrow part !

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Looks like you’re going to have to widen the center slot so the circlip on the shaft can spin freely. Is the mount made out of aluminum?

It looks like it’s cast.