Hobby tech New Remote 2.4 controller - lower price

Are there any reviews of this remote? I can’t find any information besides aliexpress

I wouldn’t mind removing the switch and putting a clicky button to the front of the case and solder it to the channel 2.
But I dont know how the vesc needs to get the cruise control in order for it to work :\

My guess is that cruise control happens inside the remote and just sends the initial potentiometer signal in a loop without you holding the actual potentiometer position.
Therefor it should be possible to retrofit any remote with a cruise control by putting a small Arduino in there that reads the potentiometer value once you click a button and then imitates the potentiometer signal.

This is just an idea though!

EDIT: like this maybe: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/DigitalPotentiometer

I have one of those, I like the compactness of it but it’s not so precise as the trigger ones like the GT2 and the other one hobbytech is selling, so with the vesc incremental acceleration (that requires less precision because varies the acceleration incrementally instead of the instant acceleration) everything is ok, with a normal ESC it’s “fine” but not optimal imho

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Thanks for the info!
I hoped that the cruise-control logic is integrated in the vesc, because it would allow very simple remote designs…

I don’t have a VESC (yet) so can’t tell you if that is the case. If so it would obviously be really cool.

does that remote have a receiver?
although for $69 i’d just buy a Kama…

what do you mean by [quote=“makevoid, post:12, topic:3848”]
the vesc incremental acceleration

You guys need to distinguish throttle preset from cruise control.

Throttle preset is typically a functionality of the controller. The Enertion/Backfire controller offers throttle preset, which means the controller will just keep sending the same pulsewidth it was sending at the point you pressed the C-button. It is not aware of your current speed and does not adjust accordingly. When you hit a hill, you’ll slow down unless you release the C-button, speed up and repress the C-button.

Cruise control is a closed loop speed control and cannot be implemented in the controller because the controller doesn’t know what your speed is.
The VESC has built-in cruise control logic when using the Nyko-Kama nunchuck.
When you press the C-button, the VESC takes your current speed as the setpoint and autonomously adjusts motor current in order to maintain that speed. When you hit a hill, the VESC will increase current to keep you from slowing down.
Using the Nyko Kama, when you keep the C-button pressed and accelerate, the VESC will automatically take your new, faster speed as the new setpoint.

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question remains: can the second channel on this remote be misused as a cruise control (especially with the VESC)?

Probably not in any practical way without serious tinkering in the VESC code, which is written for the Nunchuck which uses I²C protocol to communicate with the VESC.
The interface with a standard RC controller is a dumb PWM signal.

Dumb… but obviously reliable.
Is there already a reliable wiiceiver (or similar)?
Still waiting for updates on this site : product/wireless-wii-wiiceiver/


yes, it has a receiver and a loop key in the package to do the binding

I am no vesc expert but with “Current” configuration, when I accelerate I get progressive acceleration instead of constant acceleration, the one that I get with a normal ESC

I’m not sure about the % but
If I push the throttle forward to +25% (75%) and keep it like that with a standard ESC I go to fixed speed X and it stays the same (on an ideal flat road, no air resistance lol)

If it do it on the vesc it will continue to accelerate slowly until it reaches almost max speed I think, this until i lower the throttle to +20% (or something similar), at this point it will stop accelerating and keep the same speed.

Oh, by reading this post I understood that this happens because I’ve set “Current” control (no reverse with brake), I didn’t tried the others yet but I’m very happy with this because I can use controllers like this compact one that are less precise than a trigger-style one but, thanks to current control they are more than ok because this mode requires less precision. It needs to vary the current “acceleration” value, not the overall power 0-100. Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

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For what it’s worth, I’ve never had one single hiccup with my Nyko Kama in the past 6 months and I’ve been riding very often.

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I’d love to use a NC as remote but decided not to because of a few negative feedbacks about its reliability.
Hearing that your works fine really makes me want to get one.
What “Nunchuck-Receiver 2 VESC”-Module do you use? The Wiiceiver that isn’t available atm.?

Nyko kama works without an additional receiver with the VESc

Hmmm… Okay, the many posts and videos with people that use a custom pcb after the receiver irritated me.

I’ll a order a Nyko Kama and try it out following this tutorial:

Adding a channel to activate cruise control on the vesc with 2.4 remotes would still be awesome though.

After you open up the Nyko Kama receiver, don’t use or lengthen the wires that it comes with, desolder them and replace them with longer ones, long enough to put the receiver as far as possible from the VESC.
Put the receiver back into it’s little case to protect it and hot-glue the whole thing shut (after testing).
On the VESC side, hot-glue the jst-connector in place.

Thanks for these helpful tips! :slight_smile:

I have used Nyko Kama on many builds with and without wiiceiver. never had an issue with a properly soldered connection.

I don’t really understand where all this “negative feedback” comes from. I can only assume a lot of people aren’t doing it properly.