Hobbyking Battery sale :)

Just a heads up!

If anybody’s after some lipos? Hobbyking currently have a battery sale on :slight_smile:



I noticed that last night some of the Graphene’s had almost halved in price, im keeping an eye on the chargers as well, im hoping :pray: the skyrc 400w dual gets a price slashing…

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Damn. Maybe nows the time to buy a charger. Yet to get one for my first build.

I’m in the same boat… im looking at three of these thinking thats cheap for 12s 8000mah

I ordered a 12s5 from @psychotiller, but it just comes with a little 2a charger. That will take FOREVER… LOL Don’t really know what I need. Time to read

12s2p 10,000 mah = 88 euros

And yes I know of the issues with Multi-star Maybe 2p Will make that a little better.


3S 6Ah 65C Graphene ones with 30% discount (Amazing batteries still holding after 4k miles)

EDIT: I am running them in 12S 2P (now switched to 3P) but still with 9kW power train I had never had voltage sag, as some people saw I am riding full power until my board slow downs for 100m and literally stops :smiley: It’s so hard to feel when they running low…


That both sounds like a lot of mileage and a little :confused:

Edit: Wait Thats miles lol. Not bad not bad at all.

This one you need :wink:

Hope it’s in English and not russian again :see_no_evil::joy:

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Im using theses aswell but the 4s ones! excellent batteries

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Shit I ordered some 45c graphene just before the sale… Do you know if returns are handled well by hobbyking?

I’m tempted to return and reorder…

Thought about to get two of them too. Wanted to buy before but they have been quite expensive

Those are same cells just in different configurations :slight_smile: There is also 4S, 6S configurations all same cells just more cells in pack :wink:

EDIT: 3S is easier to replace is something happens to the pack then 4S and 6S :slight_smile:

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Screenshot_20180823-070156 Lol

Blead…nu it’s a 12s 8a charger as you can see…or not :sweat_smile:

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For those graphene battery packs :wink: I will probably get this :slight_smile:



How long you need with 20a from 0 to full, 15min?

Well depends on pack:

6Ah: 18min 12Ah: 36min 18Ah: 54min 24Ah: 72min

EDIT: Formula is simple. Capacity (Ah) / Charging Current (A) * 60 = 6Ah / 20A * 60s = 18min


Though about 6ah. So i was already close with 15min :sweat_smile: That‘s really fast. How about balancing? Guess you use a bms for it. Can the cells balance in so short time or they balance only after fully charged which would mean your charging time will become longer.

To tell you the truth I am running without BMS, charge only with CC/CV (charger basically) these packs rarely go unbalanced too much…

But balance if big pack will take some time if its out of balance, also everything depends from BMS :slight_smile: