Hobbyking buyers: USE COUPON 10% off HK10CLVX

A lot of people buy their motors, wires, plugs, batteries, etc on hobbyking. Don’t forget that “HOBBYKING10” coupon will give you 10% off. I believe it’s always applicable for anyone and anything :slight_smile: .

It’s not mentioned anywhere on hobbyking itself, so I thought some might find it useful.


I Can confrim this works for Aussies

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It works, thanks !

Where is the website?

Try here.

After using some times, now I can’t use. So I recommend buy many stuffs at one time or make more accounts.

I’m case anyone missed it hobbyking has a 20% off code today “GAMEON”. Seems to work on everything including lipos and sk8 motors.

Didn’t see a point in creating a new thread since I think it’s just a one day sale.


It’s not working now…

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hello, will anyone have a hobbyking discount code? THIS DOES NOT WORK

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Here you go bud. HK10CLVX

thanks, Friend does not work

If you sign up for text alerts they’ll send you a code then you can just opt out after they send it.

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