Hobbyking cheated my refund

Hello, guys. I’m another one that was cheated by hobbyking. I was happy with their work until now.

I buy a PETG filament from hobbyking, and in they send me a wrong item, and I made a claim… I I send the product back (17 € shipment), and they told me they will give my money back from the product (21 €), and they will not give the money back from the shipment cost. I was WTF, is your fault, that you send the wrong product. and i will not receive my money back?

I found this in their website. They say they give the money back from the shipment

I was WTF, is your fault, that you send the wrong product. and i will not receive my money back for return the product?

people from netherlands, do you know a Consumer defensive assist for I can complain about them? In my country we have a Consumer defensive assist. And they help you, if you are right about the complaint.

The private video from Hobbyking for refunds:


Open a claim with PayPal if that was your payment method.

Same issue, never issued my refund for a backordered item that i cancled.

Hobbyking in general is ok except the times they are not :smirk: One time I got a call from my office that I had a huge package delivered. At that time I did not have anything big ordered. Hobbyking had sent me a huge RC airplane along with my order which consisted of wires connectors etc. apart from a pack of AAA rechargeable batteries they had forgotten to include. When I informed them about their mistake, they wanted me to pay for shipping it back before they send me the batteries :rofl:


On a lighter note I have been using HK for nearly a decade and in that time I have never had an issue with the customer service. Its a bit long winded but once you know your way around the process it is very good. Like most companies they do not like issuing refunds but will happily give store credit in lieu. Most recently I had 2 motors and a vesc replaced free of charge without having to send back the faulty items. Just photos were enough because I flat out refused to pay return shipping on them.


I ordered 2 keda 6364 190kv motors paid $86 for them .one was never quite right cogged and in 2 weeks broke. They are giving me the run around. And denied my warranty claim stating there parts arent menay for esk8 so I filed a paypal dispute and. They emailed me asking me to close the dispute so they can look over my order and they couldn’t look ot over unless I closed the claim. Shady business :sunglasses: Im not closing it . just cuirous if you had any pointers for me.


DO NOT close the dispute as once you close it you can’t reopen it and then they (HK) have no reason/incentive to give you your money back.


I’ve had nothing but good things happen to me regarding Hobbyking. I have only ever had disputes with them regarding specific usage items though; ie: sk8 motors and vescs. Hard to deny the intent when something is branded sk8. Shame that they are messing you around because re purposing is part of hobby life so therefore should be recognised by such a specialised hobby company, that said, they should say what the specific usage is for that motor before advertising it for sale because we use these products in every form of rc, not just esk8. Go through the product description and pick out where it says not suitable for esk8. If it doesn’t, which it won’t, then point that out in an email and see what they say. Keep the dispute open too because once closed you can not re open.

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@dareno @M.Hboards thanks guys. Ok ill make sure to bring that up.

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I don’t know how many orders you made with them, but it seems like a good bunch. So even if you had a few returns, I assume they “like” you because you ordered a lot and didn’t make a lot of returns. In the case of @pedro, if it’s its first or second order, they will likely be waaayyyyy more reluctant to proceed a refund.

I guess the lesson here is to pay via Paypal and make a dispute on Paypal if HB doesn’t want to help.


I don’t think they have any idea who I am let alone like me my friend :joy:

That makes no sense wouldn’t they want to show good first impression?

Update. They sent me a message stating theres no need. for the dispute because nothing was wrong with my motors. There definetly is https://youtu.be/tlv-gejPdpQ

This company is beyond shady. Ive escalated the claim fingers crossed paypal will help me out.

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I paid with my credit card, and paid in postal to send back to hobby king, is too late. maybe next time, I’ll fake a problem with the item, and try to have a refund by paypal or with my bank for replace the money they stole from me.

Depends how they value new customers. Given how popular they seem to be, they might not give a crap about loosing a few new customers here and there. I see they are based in Hong Kong and I tend to believe that businesses in China have a different notion of customer support than we do.