Hobbyking LiFePO4 Exaggerated Specs

So today I realized my batteries are low key garbage, and a couple things came together to show me:

  • I got a Metr module a month or so ago and have been taking records
  • I finally, today, received in the mail and hooked up my Ollin ESC v1.1, restoring my board to dual drive and allowing me to pull lots of amps without issue.

In my board I have 12 Hobbyking/Zippy Flightmax 2S2P 3.6Ah LiFePO4 batteries, for a total cell configuration of 12S4P: a series string of 6 sets of two batteries each. They rate these at 30C continuous and 40C peak which is far from the truth, and the Ollin ESC only pulling 80 motor amps for less than the first second of acceleration tipped me off to look at the graphs and see if my low voltage cutoff was causing it.

70 or so battery amps between the two ESCs (one normal Ollin VESC) against the pack sags it from 40 volts to 32, which is 3.33 to 2.67 volts per cell, dipping into the soft cutoff region I set of 33-30V. This is around 35 amps per battery, so looks like in reality I bought less than 10C batteries.

And to top it off apparently Hobbyking straight up deletes reviews that aren’t positive of their products so I doubt the review I wasted my time writing will ever see the light of day… After reading on ES and here about others negative experiences with HK I don’t think I’ll ever be shopping there again.

On the bright side, this Ollin ESC is pretty lit, I’m looking forward to DIYing an 18650 pack which will hopefully let it unleash fully. Given the huge amount of space under my board that I made to fit all the LiFePO4 packs and wire bulk, if I can find the cash, a correspondingly hyuuuuuuuge pack might be in order :open_mouth: :heart_eyes:




thanks for being the one guy who replied to my dumb thread lol

:joy: pleasur bro :joy: