Hobbyking motor mount is compatible with Caliber 2 truck?

Hello guys! I cant decidir about this 2 product compatibily… I have got the Hobbyking motor mount but i cant decidit is the Caliber 2 fifty 10’ compatible with the hobbyking one? I read a lot of topic here but someone write its compatible but someone write its not compatible… Can someone help me? :slight_smile:

You have to file the rounded part of the hanger but yes it will fit.

Yes i did it but i just wanted hear a “yes its compatible because i use it” :smiley:

Yes its compatible and I use it, on lots of setups and here is a picture. I file one side of the inside of the clamp…


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Thanks dude! :slight_smile:

Is it 180mm?

Yes, 32degree rear on dewedged randel 35 baseplate, front 55degrees on wedged 50 cal base. Zealous ceramic, refly 97mm…

Do you use any glue (loctite)?

I use loctite blue in anything I don’t want coming undone…yes…don’t we all?

I tried a lot of glue but okay if you say that glue is good i belive you

glue? no no I use loctite in screws I don’t wish to come loose…

Compatible. Using it without filing.

Ok, so you put it on right, and this side is cool, all good, two sides touching… 20181020_104036

But this side isn’t cool, only one side touching and it’s a nipple at best…gap is on the left, and it’s HUGE!! 20181020_102834

So I take that piece to the grinder cus it’s faster than filing it down, but it gets hot, be careful, ouch! 20181020_103350

OMG now it fits! Use this picture as a guide or grind and test fit over and over as needed. You do not need to grind the nipple further than the area it protrudes from. 20181020_104041

Oh this particular cast caliber truck, a cal2 50, I needed to also file this small section on the hanger to allow for a perfectly aligned belt. 20181020_105112