Hobbyking SK8 (V)ESC... Any good?

Hello, been a while since ive posted here but wanted to complete my first build, I see that there are some new electronics on the market since I was last here. I was really eyeing the new 6374 sensored motor from HobbyKing and saw the SK8 ESC (for skateboards) apperantly its basedon the 4.12 VESC? any experience with it? Ill hopefully be using it with a 8s5p setup.

they just came out a few days ago so no one would have tested one yet

To be fair it’s not that much cheaper than @torqueboards vesc which is tried and tested so I’d stick to it

Hey, just a quick line to anyone interested. I have had 2 of these vescs running SK8 6374’s for a month now and I’ve got to say they’re good. I blew the canbus on my focboxes so while waiting for the replacements I bought the HK ones as the shipping is free to aus, takes 3 days which makes these a cheap option. I did it because the motors are going so well I figured I’d give the vescs a go and no one likes to be grounded! They come with an old firmware version but once upgraded worked perfectly with the vesc tool and are running everything just fine. Smooth and powerful with a nice strong braking curve.
These are a good cheap option for anyone living in australia because they ship from the aus warehouse and no other manufacturer can provide the quick delivery here. You guys in the states can get TB stuff quick and cheap but we have to wait ages and shipping can be pricey.


I’m running 2 of them in 12s FOC and they’ve been great

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Good to hear this. I plan on running 12S FOC and really didn’t wanna get VESC6 HW if I didn’t need to

Hey man whats your set up?

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