Hobbysky motors

Has anyone ever used the hobby sky motors on amazon? They run pretty cheap and seem decent. They are 10mm shafts, but you can get them custom made 8mm. They come in both 6374 and 6384 versions. Are they about the same quality as the DIY torque motors? A few people recommended them on youtube, but that can be iffy.



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The phase wires look pretty skinny?

I currently run 2x6374 Hobbysky motors with custom 8mm shafts and so far so good, but i don’t really push them and the outside temp has been nice and cool. Quality feels good. The seller was very responsive to my inquiries and messages and shipping was good too. No complaints so far.

ha, I see your review



do you know if they are the same dimensions as the torque 6374/6380? Aka, will they fit on the caliper II trucks, or do I need the special 218mm trucks?

Doubt 2 will fit on Caliber trucks unless you get the new E-trucks, but measurements are provided on the listing.

I got a message from Hobbysky and they are now selling their 6374 in 170kv and 190kv with an 8mm shaft so they don’t have to be special ordered anymore and they added a flat spot on the shaft.

Hobbysky 6374 170KV Brushless Outrunner Belt Motor Closed Cover Hall Sensor DIY Electric Skateboard Electric Bike Surfboard (8mm Shaft) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JNL22RX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_feu0BbZGQVGXQ

Any updates on these motors how are they running? Have you opened one up for science yet? I think i might buy a set and put them through the ringer.

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My apologies for the necromancy.

Anybody got any updates? @RedBaron @thiswasandy

They are really good! I’ve run one for a year and I ride everyday to work. Make sure you order with the right size shaft. I didn’t. Had to wait and return and that’s never fun. It was better quality than the dual belt drive motor that it replaced. I have a grave yard of old broken gear but these still run.