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Hobbywing/backfire esc won't turn on

Hi, I have Backfire dual hub esc and it was working really good for around a year. Last week I wanted to put everything on my Loaded Vanguard deck. I build new enclosures, drilled the holes, built a new battery, went out and the esc just didn’t turn on. I’ve thought that I didn’t connect the on/off switch or something so I went inside to check and everything was ok. The battery voltage is also ok. Does someone have the same problem and is there a guide to fix it? I checked the pcb board, top and bottom and nothing looks burnt or suspicious

What battery did you built? Is it a 10s battery too? AFAIK the Hobbywing ESC only takes 10s battery :slight_smile:

10s cells yeah

Hobbywing has a 12S out there SOMEWHERE… Lock and Key…Shhhh… Beatttchhes…. Give us the darn key.

gut an exway board for it :wink:

mine is doing the same as well. i get two red flashes from my power button then off. its got a full charged battery 10s as well.