Holypro 35 holes

What are these big holes for? The holes where my finger is and does anyone have a STL file to print some inserts to place in there? 1541090378586222724699

That was there earlier design. No specific issue. If you would have the lighter truck version the baseplate is on this place cut too. So you could route wires through it. In general i think it just should save weight… and look better… The latest decks don’t have that hole anymore. I wanted with holes and got one without :sweat_smile:

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This :arrow_up:

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You mean this :point_up: Or is there something coming? :sweat_smile:

I just received this deck from Trampa less than two weeks ago so this should be the most recent board.

Damn it! I meant to comment before you so the arrow was pointing down, cause I saw you typing and I’ve seen you cover this topic before :joy:

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I asked @trampa or Ted (don’t remember) and he said they had some issues while production that the hole wasn’t centered, that’s why they decided to don’t cut out there anymore. Maybe you got one left over from the stock before, or they now cut again… who knows.

Unfortunately i don’t have a 3D cover for this. Sorry :neutral_face:


Thanks anyway Andy! As always you’re very helpful.

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Always welcome :wink:

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