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Homemade DIY or evolve board?

Hi guys just sold my motorbike as I really want a decent board. Was looking at the evolve bamboo boards that I really like as well as the raptor but so expensive. Can someone please give me some ideas of what to do for a diy build, parts list etc. Ideally I would like 25mph and as long a range as possible.

Thanks in advance

How much time and learning are you feeling up for? Convenience comes at a cost. Building it yourself is fun and rewarding if you are up for the challenge, but there is a lot to learn and lots of tinkering. What are your mechanical abilities?

Realistic budget?

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Yeh I quite fancy having a go at building my own and I’m not bad with my hands. I just don’t really know what parts I need for my requirements. Budget is about £800 but the less the better.
Quite like the idea of having all terrain wheels also but depends on cost etc.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Look through the builds on here. Staying single drive will save a lot of money. Order a VESC now cause it will take at least a few weeks if not longer.

Basic Parts list:
Trucks (ones you can get a motor mount for)
Wheels (80mm Kegel or 83mm Flywheels or clones, wheel drive pulley needs to match these)
Motor mount
Pulleys (Motor and wheel)
Batteries (10S or 12S)
Control Solution (GT2B, Wii nunchuck…)
Various bits of 10 and 12 gauge wire
XT60 or similar connectors
XT90 Anti spark for loop key

That should get you started. I put a few of the popular choices, but there are many ways to come to a solution.


Changed title. Didn’t want people thinking it was Diyelectricskateboard vs evolve

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OK cool thanks didn’t think of that sorry.

Great thanks where is best place to order vesc from?

You are going around posting the same battery in multiple threads. Make your own thread if you want to talk about a battery that is no different than what is currently available.

You are obviously promoting your own business. That is considered spam.

Your entire profile says:

This is a game changer for affordable electric skateboard batterys The titan batteries

You made an account 28 mins ago and already posted a link to that battery twice.

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You are helping no one. Stop spamming and find a helpful way to contribute if you want.

helping how? the “best battery” statement is your opinion, and opinions are like certain holes, everyone has one… opening an account to promote your stuff is spamming.


Enertion has a bunch on order, but might be another month or more. I am still waiting since February. There might be somewhere closer to you, but I got one from Ollin Board Co recently and it is working great.

Ok thanks, does it has to be one of those esc’s or can I use another one that’s in stock somewhere?

If you need batteries, buy Hobbyking Multistar LiPos, they work great, are light and cheap. No need for yet another middleman.


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There are other options on the market. From my research and use the VESC is very popular and has a lot of features. I personally got a VESC from Ollin and love it.


20Amp/C is not ground breaking it’s pathetic and common.

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Think it was decided on here the multistar are weak sauce. There’s many others though

Exactly my point, there are many others. :smiley:

bro those batteries are real weaksauce and more expensive then good old lipo nor even lithium ion cells