Homemade folding electric scooter


No hate but this is a Ebaord forum, I don’t mind but be careful posting that heresy around here :yum:

Well I’d didn’t post my fold up scooter build that I made for a customer Bc it’s an electric skateboard forum but maybe something about my build will help you with yours…

It was converted from an old Goped, so it folds completely in half at a joint right before the front wheel (examples of the mechanism can easily be found on YouTube if you’d like more detail)


I live in new york and my go to electric scooter these days is the segway smart self-balancing electric scooter I sold my Kaabo Mantis a couple of months back and that was my other suburbanite.its very easy to use and its ride is awesome but i m really shocked to hear about homemade folding electric scooter can plz explain more