Homemade VESC has a non-latching DRV fault on almost default config since motor detection, HELP PLEASE :(

Hey guys! So I had a Maytech VESC because I had no time to build my own one and didnt want to spend a fortune… mistake :smiley:

Yesterday I built my second VESC (the first one I built almost 2 years ago and it works beautifully) and what happend is that I turned it on updated firmware and tried motor detection on almost default config, the only thing i changed was 45A from battery and -3A regen also voltage cutoff for 10S and the app config to “no app”. After that I tried to detect a motor on BLDC and it just clicked and flashed 3x red and displayed the DRV fault. :frowning:

What could be the problem? i cant think of anything… My soldering is good i doubt that i shorted something…