Honeycomb master cho enclosure (sold)

So I had mastercho slim thisbhoneycomb carbon fiber enclosure from from 38 to 28mm deep .This works perfectly with decks with flat bottoms and provides a sleek profile. My problem is, there are bulging designs on the bottom of my hi5fober deck (bottom of deck not flat) and it pushes it out too much. Again this enclosure will work perfectly with decks that have smooth flat bottoms. Once I sell this enclosure I’m just going to repurchase a deeper one. I had to buy the honeycomb fiber(since it’s a unique color option) in addition to the production cost me 145 with shipping. I’ll sell this for 60 bux plus shipping. It’s a steal of a price.

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Pming now…


Like lightning dude :rofl:

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That’s a beautiful enclosure, gotta have it. :grinning:


Did mmaner drop off the face of the earth somehow and rescinded his offer? If so I’ll buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Rats

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ffffffck thts fst!

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