Hooray, I conquered the dragon

I spent the last two days, running and rerunning vesc tool, and everything related. And although I have a perfect running board, as we chat, it is FAR from textbook to get there.

Why do I bring this up? NOONE but us freaks, techheads and all around renaissance men, can even begin to buy with any confidence that we will have a useful item when we are done.

I STILL dont know what is or went wrong with my board, or even for certain which component was responsible. I hammered on the vesc tool, thinking I had failed, till WAY LATE in the game. I used EVERY intuition, to deal with persnickety warnings, and outright roadblocks. The dreaded out of freshness firmware, was unrelenting. And still, I cannnot run input. And so, all programming must occur thru the remote. Luckily that is enough.

That it is even a fraction this tough, means that OUR SPORT/HOBBY/PERSONAL ELECTRIC VEHICLE is for dorks, folks that want to commute that last mile screw yourselves.


The upgrades and such MUST be transparent, and solid, where recognizing upgrade is concerned.

That we still have an esoteric vesc tool is to our shame. It MUST be streamlined, till suzy preteen can program with the best of us.

And some of this responsibility is the mfgs, that must buy into standardization. Our boards, and their brains, must be APPLEfied. Plug and play. And, components must certify to be plug and play.

Then, and only then, shall we have as many bros and sisses as we desire on electric boards. And then EVERYBODY WINS.

ps. I bought all flipsky components, so that they all would play nice together. In some ways it has paid off, and in other ways, it is a crapshoot.

pss. It may be that the remote failed to communicate with the receiver. And so, replacing the remote, is the only cure. Or ? Either way, too much troubleshooting. Too little proof.

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