Hopefully nobody on this forum got this fine $600 - Canada


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Damn that really sucks for that dude, hopefully he can challenge it.

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I bet that cop drinks a litre cola every day for lunch with his spitburger .

That sucks, but honestly…my opinion, he really should have done some research on the laws regarding electric skateboards in his area. Most laws are outdated…and some cops love to take advantage of it and slap tickets onto the unsuspecting and ignorant. Best not to give them that chance, so know your rights!

But the cop could have let him off with a warning because he didn’t know about the law at all…and he wasn’t doing anything reckless or endangering the life of others.

My neighbor literally transacts hockey bags of full illegal pot every day. They came and asked me and some other neighbors about but it turn a blind eye to it for some reason. I asked them to clarify on twitter. We will see what happens :slight_smile:

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Thats some BS

No that not… It is also not a city rules, but a provincial one, and the same goes for every Canadian states…

And Probably this dude was riding like an ass, and din’t care abouth the police.