Horrible Communication By AlexTech

On June 1st I paid @Alextech $160 through his AA torque systems paypal for a 6374 motor, motor mount, and a pulley system. I sent him my information through text and he said that he would send me tracking information and it would be shipped by the end of last week so June 8,9. On June 8th I texted him if there were any updates on the package and he told me that he’s been busy and that he would check his interns for shipping. Understandable. I didnt’t get a reply so i texted him on June 10th, no reply… Texted him again on the 12th and got a reply saying that he’ll find the tracking for me.

Since then he hasn’t responded to any of my texts and I haven’t received any package yet.

Has anyone had any experience with @Alextech? Is he legit? I’m giving it until Monday and if I don’t hear anything from him then I might call my bank to issue a dispute.

You had your bank send money to his paypal?

I sent it from paypal with a linked bank account

If you want to file a claim, you should contact Paypal first and file it through them. If you go straight to your bank first, Paypal will be angry.


That’s true. Thanks for letting me know!

@treenutter @mccloed still hasn’t received his promised refund either.

I vote for no more business related posts by @alextech until he can square up with everyone.

In fact here’s a good spot to add your name to a list if you are owed product or money. The names will be deleted as they are provided refunds or proper tracking info.

  1. @mccloed

  2. @sukurity

  3. @willpark16

  4. @Wubbalubbadubdub

  5. @Sander

  6. localredhead

  7. @MakeStuff


Unfortunately I don’t spend as much time as I do on the forms as I used too so my apologies from there.

To clear the water with @sukurity I was hit by a car while enjoying my esk8 Tuesday afternoon around 4. I backed out and even the more marrier had no ID on me so the hospital had a wonderful time identify me. Regardless of the fact that’s on me. I have gotten back in contact with him.

@mccloed I do owe you a refund send me a text to get that squared away with you since I can’t find our messages here. My # is on my website www.aatorquesystems.com

@treenutter I sold you something? Please do get in contact with me if so!

I just stopped using this platform because it’s has been super buggy for me for whatever reason.

But like @psychotiller said, please do get in contact with me via cell, instead of creating a post about it, makes for much cleaner communication.

Here’s the deal. You use this forum with ease every time you have something to sell. People respond, you respond back and take their money.

Then you disappear. It’s like the forum only works well for you when you’re collecting money. Just like now. It only took a moment for you to respond to my post. So we know it’s working just fine. Do everyone a solid and just take care of your loose ends. Right now while the forum is working. You have their info. Now’s the time to handle it. On the forum.


I payed @Alextech 190$ on May 15 for a spotwelder and VESC. Still has not been shipped, even though I needed the items before June 7. Communication has been spotty. Sometimes there’s a response, sometimes I have to send a few messages to get his attention. Not the end of the world though, he offered to throw in an on/off switch as compensation. I will update as this pans out - I’m pretty open minded with this thing in general as vendors pull some pretty long hours and work hard. Patience for me runs out at about 5 weeks so I hope it will be sent soon. Either way as a fellow human being I wish him a quick recovery from the car accident as business does not wait for the unfortunate.

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Cleaner communication? How many times has @mccloed contacted you? Just go to paypal, click on your summary, click on their name and refund the amount they sent you. Or explain why you don’t have the money. Believe me I personally understand that things happen.

All in all though, If you use the forum to make/take money, it should also be able to be used to keep things honest.


Truely sorry to hear of anyone getting hurt in anyway from esk8ing. I’m hopeful for a speedy recovery. I had some issues with communication as well. It all ended up with the original sale post being deleted because I inquired and voiced my concerns in the public forum after no response from PM. Shortly after I was contacted via pm by another member with a warning of the same issue. It was too late by then. Admittedly I sent money as friends and family and couldn’t afford to lose the money. In the end after much discussion I received my batteries. There are no refunds for friends and family purchases because they are gifts. IMO it’s best to pay any seller the 3% and PayPal will protect your purchase.


And that’s why we’re here. Out in the open. Friends and family should never even be suggested. Either eat the 3% fee or price your things accordingly. I actually do consider all of you family haha, That said, Family’s air their grievances in the open too. No accountability otherwise right?


@alextech I didn’t buy anything from you. @psychotiller tagged me because we’ve had some complaints about your group buys and it initiated a discussion amongst the mods about how we handle group buys that don’t deliver. Generally we discourage order-resolution happening on the public forum. However, group buys have always been the exception because they start here. So there’s a grey area in how we all agree to handle problems with group buys.

@sukurity would it be fair to move this discussion to the original group-buy thread? Just tell me which thread your problem is related to and we can move this discussion there.

@Alextech would you agree that it is fair to resolve all of these outstanding problems before you initiate any additional group buys on the forum?

@psychotiller Cleaner as in faster, more efficient for me. I usually want to make sure I send the refund to the buyer as efficiently as possible, wether it’s though PayPal or Western Union for a faster Cash Out. Just trying to make it so I don’t waste anymore of there time. @mccloed I can’t find the transaction in my PayPal log hence no refund, that’s my fault entirely and that’s due for me making stupid mistakes. Im Learning to be a better seller slowly but making progress. Your also dead right about being honest, I’m still making mistakes and learning along the way, im working around my issues as I grow and in a sense glad these issues are getting addressed with me now rather than later.

@treenutter You can bet that im already getting in contact with those who I have issues with and working to resolve then as soon as possible. In total agreement that these issues be resolved before anything else before anymore sales are done on my end.

My charger too which he promised over a month ago and new charge ports


Well since everyone else is chiming in, i’ll leave my experience here that I posted on another forum…I’m sure Alex will report my post but here it goes…

Be careful! And I’m not even trying to be a di** about this. I took the chance and ordered this back in March…fast forward to June and I still had no board. The guy (teenager in high school) was really nice and I can tell he’s a good kid, but he just doesn’t understand proper communication with customers. I paid him $630 for the Mach 1, everything was going great at first but as each week went by, communication and status updates became less frequent and I felt like a lot of explanations were in fact white lies since he was probably waiting on parts to arrive (originally told it would be a 2 week turnaround). But even after all of this, I’m not knocking the kid as I do believe he has something good going for him…just make sure that you realize that you most likely won’t get anything for a few months. I only know one other person on Electric Skateboard Forum that actually has one—he had a list of problems but “AA Torque Systems” actually stepped up and helped the guy out with a few things. Lastly, when I asked for a refund on multiple occasions, he went completely ghost…thank god for Paypal claims!

A few things I forgot to mention. For one, I originally went with this board because I wanted a DIY board but didn’t have the patience or tools to do so (I didn’t want to deal with a bunch of trial and error). A board like this would have allowed me to customize and repair as necessary since parts are pretty easy to get…and for $630 with those specs…why not! Secondly, the Mach 1 pictured is not the same deck you’ll actually get…he sent me a pic of the new deck that didn’t have clearance issues like the one pictured. I wasn’t a fan but it still seemed like a solid product. So I get why you’re tempted as I was just there but I think you should seriously think about it before sending money. I just got me a V1 boosted board for $800…and when you think about the difference between $630 and $800…it almost makes no logical sense to take such a huge risk with a DIY board (at least one that you didn’t build yourself). Hope this helps and feel free to PM any questions about the entire ordeal.


Hate to say it buy you have to get Paypal involved. They handled my case within a week. Same story…received a tracking number but never shipped. I’m sure he has a negative balance on his Paypal account now and is on the verge of having his account shut down from Paypal.

I’m fine, I put this thread in motion though to get him to set things straight or shut down shop. Tired of hearing about scammy group buys and non existent refunds.


Yea and it’s good that you did. I didn’t want to do it because I would have felt like a complainer and figured I’d get banned from the forum…but now I see that I wasn’t the only one with issues…geeze.

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I cannot find his number on the website and I’m still waiting tracking number - would like to get in contact ASAP does anybody know his number? (Plz Pm it to me)