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Hot charging with vesc and space cell with carvon?

two questions here that maybe some of you can answer for me.

Is hot charging (i.e charging while the battery is connected to the esc) is ok with the vesc? Does adding a switch between the esc and batteries make this ok if not?

Then with the space cell, had anyone used the space cell the the dual carvon? Or can someone verify that it should work with the dual corvon and a dual vesc setup?

I believe @kai is using a space cell with dual hubz… I might be wrong about that though

I am pretty sure you can charge the spacecell while it is connected to vesc. My board isnt done yet so i cant tell you anything for sure. I plan on charging connected when it is though. Maybe you could ask elkick… he has this set up running i think.

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I know @lowGuido charges his lipo’s onboard.

also, @kai is correct for charging a space cell onboard- I do it all the time with mine, and that was the design purpose of have a simple laptop style plug.

Both @kai and myself will be building Dual CarVon, dual VESC with Space cell. I am going to do some soldering this weekend with friend’s help. But @kai is right, @elkick has done what both of us will be trying to build.

yeah sure do. I use a breaker as a power switch which also Isolates the electronics while charging. I have a diagram here somewhere…

@cmatson is right. You shouldn’t have to do anything at all to charge the space cell. you can leave it connected on the board and plug it into the wall just fine. Its by design.

In fact what some people are doing is breaking out the charging port, button and voltage display to mount directly on their boxes (and even on the top of their decks), so all they have to do is plug their board into the wall and not remove anything at all. That’s definitely what i’ll be doing with mine once i get a box fabbed.

i have a lot to do this weekend regarding boxes.