Hot Glue Alternatives?

Hey guys, I’ve been using hot glue to fixate things in my enclosures and I’ve been finding that it gets kinda shitty in colder weather and when too much pressure is put on it. Does anyone have any suggestions for some sort of hot glue like binding material that could withstand more abuse? I’ve seen some weird gunky black stuff being used but I’m not sure what it was, silicon or something? Thanks.

Neutral Silicone. I’m using Sika Sikaflex Crystal Clear, good stuff.


This. It’s useful for filling gaps when you’re water proofing things as well

Messy if not careful, but black abs cement is magical

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I use industrial Velcro for everything

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I typically use nuts and bolts… sometimes the bolts are black, but if they are gunky you have the wrong thing. I’ve also used JB weld for my metal to metal parts and for ABS to wood E6000 industrial adhesive (clear) works pretty well and can still be removed with some prying and peeling much like hot glue but seems to always stay rubbery, only issue I’ve had with it is it doesn’t seem to stick to some PLA 3D prints I have for some reason, could be because the part was covered with some grease/mold release for making a mold of it. I still use hot glue to hold wires in place on plastic to plastic connections it seems to do a good enough job.

When using silicon, always dip your fingers in water. The silicon won’t stick to water so you can use your fingers to smooth it all out and wipe up excess. Do be very careful not to get it on anything, though, especially clothes; it definitely won’t wash out and it’s extremely hard to clean up.

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If you wanna hardcore fixate something, use 2 component expoxy

Maybe the gunky black stuff you’re talking about is Sugru?

I’m with @jmasta, duct tape was so 1990’s

Velcro is space age shizer, literally… that and sugru if you have a little something you need a thingamajig for :wink:

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