How about carbon fiber deck?

Hello guys

I have Meepo,just so so. Now i am working on build a long E-skateboard,but i am not sure carbon fiber deck. What’s your advice?

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blocks radio signals.

Trampa sells them

I don’t think trampa decks contains carbon fibers.

It’s “re-enforced glass and plastic composite”.

This deck is fully carbon fiber, but we had to use a fiberglass lid for the top.

Using full carbon fiber monocoque design negatively impacts the radio signal.

I hate glass fibre,some sellers name it as carbon fiber.

It looks nice. The radio signal is not a problem.Working well within 5 meter is ok for me.

Glass fiber doesn’t deserve the hate… its comes in many different flavors & is extremely durable & cost effective material. Give glass fiber another chance.

Do you have any other advice on CF deck? I bought a land snail E-board from brotherhobby,it is CF deck and very nice.I’d like to build one for my son.