How about these Rain Wheels?

They just came up with new rubber ones. I’m thinking of getting these on the TorqueBoard D-Drive motor New Rubber Wheels

You guys dont get it. even if these

are good, they wont last.

Just like any wheel on a car, they will run out of thread and be unusable for rain again. what they need to make is a deeply cut one, or a good and lightweight AT wheel that has switchable, standard thread imo

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The person who had little genuine interest in making their production board waterproof and thinking avoiding water was the answer – now is talking about the best rain wheels. Okay. :man_shrugging:


I agree that these are not the best option but at least they’re replaceable. They weight a pound each though. The only problem with the latest D-Drive motors is that that either have Kegel or Abec wheel types.

Please give an exact quote where I explicitly said I don’t believe in water proofing production boards. I’ll be waiting. Ahh and yes, please screenshot it. I’m not a fan of people shoving words in my mouth.

Mine arrived yesterday, they’ll be going on the tb dd.

20181129_193904 20181129_193907 20181129_193914


thats the second shot of those wheels I’ve seen then they look unfinished

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They basically let a bit of the rubber smear on the core. It’s not a big issue imo. After 10 miles they will be covered in bin juice and salt anyway

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Should I send you the invoice for the research? Because I never got your purchase order… Here is the first one I found Screenshot%20from%202018-11-30%2008-55-54%20(copy)


Is that where you’ve been all night? Missed ya lol

That was literally me talking about the difference discerning between waterproof and water resistance. Notice the parentheses?

Now here are screen caps of me using “waterproof” in place of “water resistance”

Edit: I should note this is every screen cap of that word dating back to 2017. No crops no clips.

image image image

Note how that dates all the way back to 2017 when I first became active in the community.


In that screenshot, I said quote: I’m already making the precautions to make the electronics and battery enclosure entirely weather resistant

I suppose because I wanted to point out that nothing is truly “waterproof” and that everything is actually “water resistant”, that makes me a harsh opponent of “waterproof” esk8s.

If you look at what I said above before you changed it

Then you’ll see I am right. You had little genuine interest in making your production board waterproof. You wanted to do the standard pretend-we-care add some water-resistance stuff and drop it.

Things can definitely be waterproof, beyond water-resistant, but you had no interest in pursuing that. That’s what you’re showing now and what I was referring to.

Don’t change my words around LoLz.

I’ve sent you an invoice for the research.


What? I make the board water resistant to the best of the CF design’s capability, halted production and chose different “waterproof” hub motors (on my dime), and employed the use of PG7 waterglands to make this board as water resistant as possible. It was made for a niche market that wanted a commute tool that wouldn’t instantly die from wet salted roads, in which it succeeded in accomplishing that task. Now you have the audacity to say that I didn’t really care? Okay.

My wheels arrived today


Funny thing is that they also sent me shitty bearings even though I didn’t even pay for it.

image Note the harfang stage 1 tread pattern.

Has anyone actually tested these in the rain? If these provide significantly more grip than urethane when the roads are wet, I’ll pick up a set to throw on my torquedrive’s when it’s rainy.

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Skate metric did a great video on a hub board with basically the same wheels


10% off with code NYCEBOARDING for new years

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Sooo, we really need a review on these. Have you tested them yet?

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Still waiting on some of my parts. Hopefully my build should be complete within the next 2 weeks.

The rains not going away anytime soon where I live. Lots of time to test.

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