How about this belt motor kit?

Motor: 6354 190KV Truck: 7.25 inches/184mm Belt: 5M 12mm Theets: 16-36T Wheels: 105mm All Trrain Rubber Tries image

What is the retail price on the wheels going to be?

Also, at 105mm what advantage will the rubber be over the Urethane on Abec 107s or Boa 100s (besides cheaper manufacturing cost to the vendor)?

#Sender Rubber shock absorption, comfortable riding, higher cost than polyurethane. How do you think about the matching of belt motors

Did you replace the wheels that you sold to our members that require milling to use with bearings?


Higher cost than PU? Nobody is going to buy airless tires over ABEC 107s

What belt motor kit? All I can see is a picture.

Price @Phoenix-liuqiu

You never give a price or buy location. How much do they cost? Did you resolve the bearing fitting issue and do they still look like crap?


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This will be price pointed against clone PU, not superflys, because that’s what they produce. There are lots of threads asking for small airless rubber wheels and many people want this solution.

You’re licking your opinionated finger and sticking it into the air again for answers.


Thats just about the worst wheel I have ever seen. Anything over 10mph and all your fillings will drop out.


@DAddYE got a pair. And while he did say they don’t look great. He actually enjoyed the ride quality.


I’m guessing that was pure luck.

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Regarding off-road wheels, here I don’t want to talk too much. Let more customers test first, let’s discuss how to improve.We develop rubber tires to make everyone more comfortable when riding.I also ride electric skateboards to work every day. Many roads are not enough for polyurethane wheels.The rubber wheel can reduce vibration to a certain extent. If successful, this is a major upgrade to the skateboarding industry.Of course, if it fails, it doesn’t matter, tell the latecomers, our experience.

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Soooooo… back to the original question. How much, where from?

Sorry. Did you still do not know where to buy? You can visit our website: 1set $100 without bearing shipping by DHL

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Omg I have the feeling I stuck in a loop :crazy_face:

Yay! We got there boys. Squashy rubber party incoming

Are these a aluminum kegel hub

You’re talking quite a bit, son; I think what we’d like to see is action, not more talk.

Can you post a video of you pressing standard skate bearings into the wheels you’re trying to sell us?

Would you like us to post videos on YouTube and Reddit of wheels that cannot take standard bearings?