How are hub motors balanced?

Ok, so I was thinking about hub motors and how they work and I get the basics of them but I still can’t understand how they stay balanced. This is kinda hard to explain but what I mean is how do the magnets on the can not just scrap on the stator. I know there must be a bearing or two in there somewhere but I don’t understand where they would go. Can anyone explain or draw a quick diagram for me? Maybe @Hummie?

the rotor is supported on both sides with the hub motor as apposed to an outrunner. different hub motor designs have different ways of doing it. I don’t have a drawing of an exploded motor on this machine.

May I ask what you mean by rotor?

rotating part with magnets

The explanation for everything you don’t understand: “It’s simply magic”

Oh ok. Thanks

Haha yeah that’s what I say to my mates when they ask how I made an electric board

Here’s some photos I took while checking my Torqueboards 75KV hub motor, maybe it gives you an idea on how it’s put together.

Ah yes, I see so it kind of has a plate with a bearing in it which must take some of the force to stop the outside of the rotor/can from hitting the stator

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