How are the TSG Pass Full Face sizes?

Hallo I´m looking for a Tsg Pass helmet in Europe. Unfortunately I have no chance to try one before i buy. I measure my head to be around 58,5 cm (23inc) What would people recommend in size ? Medium or Large ?


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Yes but both Medium and Large is saying 58 cm :confused:

A friend told me today, that a downhill helt should fit your face pretty snug, so i`m leading towards at the moment.

I’m 22.8 inches and medium fits perfectly

Thanks @Jinra I think i go with the Medium as well then…

I have a 22.9 head, wear a 7 3/8s fitted cap. Medium was to tight for me. I went with a large and fit is perfect.

The cup or crown on the top of the head was slightly to small on the medium.

I’ll throw a spanner in the works. I’ve found the fit of the XL very snug and I’m 60cm. Like all helmets some types just don’t fit the same on all heads. Where are you based? Is there anyone near who can show you their helmet so to speak?

If i may ask. Do you have a round head or a more narrow one ??

@bigben No unfortunately not.

The missus says I have a narrow head. No fat cheeks!

It was the same for me with motorbike helmets. Shoei helmets didn’t fit my narrow head, whereas Arai helmets were snug as snug can be. If you’re ordering from snowbitch(who have the best price) I think they have a good returns policy?

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I have a narrow head. With a dome full of hair.

You guys make it hard :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s what she said…

Sorry couldn’t resist.


Do what I did. Goto your local skate shop and try on a tripple8 helmet. Their size chart is the same as TSG.

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I just received my TSG helmet today. The Ruroc XL just didn’t work out as it barely fits and presses onto my fat cheeks or is that cheek fats? The only way to put that on was to take off the mask and chin guard. Returned it and bought the TSG XL.

I was so pissed when it turned out to be painful to put on my fat head. (For reference. I wear a 7.5 fitted cap and it’s slighty loose). I decided to pull out the cheek pads which are magnetically held on and the TSG slipped on and off easily and it fits. I guess I’ll lack the soft cheek landing when I eat it. I might see about thinning out the padding and putting it back in.

Also in case anyone is like me and hate having to push hair out of your face under a helmet because it gets pushed down when you put it on, I have used these skull cap with my helmet for ages. Basically a bandana without a knot, it’s also cooling and a sweatband


I had the same problem with the L cheekpads. It was really chafing my ears when putting it on and uncomfortably compressing my cheeks, with no cheekpads it was roomy, with only one it was snug but not too much so I ended up solving it by ripping them open at the inner seams to extract the foam, splitting one of the foam pads in 2 with the sharpest blade I could find, putting the 2 halves back in my 2 cheekpads and resewing closed with a needle and thread. Now it’s really perfect.

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I found the pass to run small (XL) so I sold it and got the ruroc XXL and life is good :grinning:

dat gold…:star_struck:

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Seemed like the cheek pads softened up a bit over time. Either that or my head shrank :smile:

I like the gold :+1: Looks sick!