How big of a battery do I need?

I want to power this motor with a 6s battery and want to know how much amps I will need. I will not ride on roads with that much of hills and I think I want around 7 miles of range. I know you can’t calculate it excactly but just a question for your opinions/recommendation or how I can easily find it out. thank you :slight_smile:

Well, I know a 10s2p @ 4400 mah battery will give you around 7-10 mile. So that’s about 158 watt-hours. I think any battery with that many watt hours should do you fine. 6s is 22v, so plugging in the numbers here-

gives you a mah of 6000-8000 for 7-10 miles of range. Range is obviously weight and riding style dependent, and there’s also things to consider like amp draw etc. But if you get some 6s lipos in that range you’ll be just fine

the amps is drawn by the motor when it need its not vise versa. More amps is better to avoid voltage sag which helps to give you your desired range

the best “guestimate” i’ve found for range is 10Wh = 1km. So figure the watt hour of your battery and Voila!

I would always go for higher C cells - less sag.