How big should a 12s4p pack be?

I was wondering how big a 12s4p pack should be? When I initially ordered it I was under the impression that it would be much thinner than 2 inches. My enclosure is from psychotiller. Which is the 22 in 405 enclosure Length 22"
Width 7 1/4" Height 1 1/4"

I guess weather straps and adhesive Velcro to secure the battery to the board since my board doesn’t have any flex…

Weather strips** I don’t know if anyone has a better idea but I’m all ears

LOL, its clearly stated on the DIY website that this pack is 1.75"

Its also clearly stated on psycho’s site that the 405 enclosure is 1 1/8" tall taking into account the ridges.

What enclosure are you using?

The one that came with the pack. Did you not get one?

If you want to keep that enclosure, and your deck is stiff like you say then I would just cut some 1 inch thick wood and make a square “frame”. Bolt that frame to the deck and bolt the enclosure to the frame. Much more secure, and safe than Velcro straps.

You can even paint the wood frame black and it wouldn’t be too noticeable.

No I did not but it should be coming October 15th. I’m assuming it fits correctly?

The enclosure that is coming out 10/15 is a little different than the previous version as Dexter is updating it to theoretically fit better.

I can’t talk for the new one as no one knows what its suppose to look like, but I can say that the old one worked for me, with some light modification. If the new one is suppose to be better, then wait for that.

If you’re in a hurry, then yes, build a wood frame like fiori stated.

A 12s4p 18650 pack should be:

~70mm x 12 = 840mm long ~20mm x 4 = 80mm wide ~20mm tall

Edit: Plus a little extra for shrink wrap and leads.

Not sure why that pack is so thick other than it is using cell holders, is way over insulated or the BMS is huge. What is the point? who has room for a 2" deep enclosure unless they are running 150mm or bigger wheels? You’ll have no clearance unless you stack your board up on ridiculously big risers. We don’t even use enclosures that deep on our pneumatics.

Serious question for everyone: If you’re planning a build, spending gobs of money on parts you have the opportunity to streamline. Why would you compromise on ride height and clearance? It’s your build. Why would anyone compromise on ride quality?

2" tall batteries? If you’re not rocking lead acid, WHY?

@Mattmccrary8 It looks like that pack has the cells double-stacked. That increases the thickness, but reduces the other dimension(s) by quite a bit, makes it better for shorter boards. A single-stacked pack would be either twice as long, twice as wide, or some combination of length and width.

Assuming all the cells are laid out perpendicular to the board axis, a single 12s4p (without any space for wires, so add a little to the guess) would be 400mm long, 130mm wide and 18mm thick. You can change these numbers by rearranging the cells of course.

The actual cells in the battery pack are probably 216mm length by 130mm width and 36mm thick, with some more space in the pack taken up with wires, insulation, BMS etc.

Not too far off from the advertised dimensions of 355.6mm length, 140mm width, and 44mm thick.

Could have made the pack under 1.5" thick by cradling the top stack of cells into the bottom layer. Wasted space.

True. Makes insulation and pack assembly more of a pain though. On my first build I had two 5p groups stacked on top, and the other 8 all single layer, with the BMS making a second hump near the opposite side of the enclosure. Looked like an upside down camel, but it let me fit a 10s5p and keep the ground clearance where it was needed most.

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@Mattmccrary8 Yeah, the enclosure fits correctly. The pack is double stacked as if any longer you’d be more limited on deck choices and require a much larger wheelbase. I’ll be sending you an enclosure once we get it in stock.

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Thank you so much for everything! Definitely the place to go everyone! Everything I’ve gotten has been top quality, fast shipping and the performance backs it up! Diy electric skateboards is the :bomb:

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Wish I could say the same thing about my experience…
took over a week for them to ship my battery.

JOKES. everyone chill out

but it did actually take them about a week to take my battery to the post office :joy: