How can I calcate my systems amperage draw?

Hey guys,

So I am trying to calculate my setup’s average amperage draw while riding. I am riding a 10s2p with 192kv motor. I know that you can provide realtime bench test data on the VESC but is there anyway to collect ride data when riding? A bench test would not actually reflect the amount of amps being used to power the board with weight…


I think one of the remotes being developed by @lox897 or @Wajdi have that capability to display on the old display while riding.

@evoheyax has a transmitter that works for iPhones that plugs into the vesc. works for Android

Go for a ride. Time the ride. Run the battery from full charge to the cut off voltage. If your battery is a 5000mAh battery and your ride lasted an hour you had an average amp draw of 5A.

I actually just did a riding bench test on a treadmill…it was pretty sweet!! Awesome seeing the realtime data pumping onto my laptop screen…It felt like some sort of high tech testing in a movie :wink:

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Ahh thats a good idea

If you’re on android, you can get a regular HM-10 bluetooth module and use @Ackmaniac’s app. Highly recommended.

I’ll look into that!