How can I convert a gravity sensor board to have a remote controller?

I have a new gravity sensor electric skateboard that i would like to change to having a remote controller. Is it possible ? Im a carpenter and have no idea about electronics or how to build an electric skateboard. I have had a little cheap Chinese electric skateboard with one 350w hub motor for over a year now and that’s still working ok. I thought I would give the gravity sensor board a go . It has two 250w hub motors and a 36v battery . The sensors are under the trucks. Lean forward slightly and it goes forward, lean back and it slows, stops, then goes in reverse. The downside with not having a hand controller is any foot movement or wrong move and it makes the board stop. Frustrating to say the least. Also doesn’t like speed bumps or similar obstacles. If it’s too much to bother adding a remote, how could I adjust the sensitivity of the sensors ? Alternatively could I use a controller directly connected via cable ?

Pics would help, but I would say u need to to dump the existing hardware and put in some vesc, keep the motors if they are 3 phase and keep the battery

replace the oem speed controller with a vesc and remote. the battery and motors will be right

IMG_1229 IMG_1231 IMG_1230

What’s Oem and vesc ? Like I said, I know nothing about electronics, but I want to learn. I’ve had RC cars but always pre built .

Your board seems to use a popular hub motor type as seen on those budget ones like meepo, wowgo, ownboard, etc. Something like this should work. Also the seller is on this forum too, summon @dickyho


Basically the brain. OEM =Original equipment manufacturer Vesc = Electronic Speed Control

I’d even say ESC = Electronic speed controller (brain of your board) VESC = an ESC based on Ben Vedder’s work (very popular here but need to learn some knowledge to use it)

@mtuan293 's suggestion is a good choice for your board, should more or less be plug and play.

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Thanks for the info, I’m learning . Well I was going to return the board but shipping from the uk was nearly as much as the board, so that’s why I was looking down the hand controller conversion route. But things have changed and the seller has sorted something out so I am returning it to the supplier . Thanks for the info. Maybe it will be useful to someone else who may want to convert their gravity board. This is a good forum and I hope to be learning plenty from it, so you may see some other questions pop up by me.