How charging my Battery *solved*

Hello, i’m making my own electric longboard or skate like everyone in this forum XD. My big question is. How the F*ck i charge my battery (i’m not angry, just make more dramatic, peace)… I know how to construct the battery 12S1P or 10S1P and i need a BMS. I will use lipo or li ion, and my be use this bms but whats next. how i plug? and what to plug?

I really need this?

I can’t make a USB connection for charge any place, or just use a normal charge like portable computer, have to be a futuristic charger. and for last questionm how is the charger boosted board.

Thank guys for your time, and i wish this help futures builders

If you are using a bms you can avoid a charger like this

You need a 12s BMS for 12S battery

You can buy a 2.1mm Plug


you use a plug like that wired into your bms, then you use a regular AC adapter to charge via the bms

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Thank you :muscle::muscle::muscle:

I would suggest that you do a lot of reading in the Esk8 build category before proceeding. You will have a much better idea of what you want or need and you will be much better equipped to do the build.


i already read and search a lot… at least 2 weeks. and i have chosen the wheels, motor, gears, vesc… and the battery and charger it was the last item. but thanks for the advice :sunglasses:

You might aswell confirm the rest of your parts, you don’t want to order the wrong things

Was about to say that too !

Thinking that you can charge an esk8 from an USB plug “any place” shows a real lack of understanding what an esk8 is and how it works and is built. Read, read and read a lot more before you go further into this esk8 DIY hobby because it may be more difficult than what you think (But I may be wrong), more expensive (DIY is usually more expensive than “ready to ride”) too.

" construct the battery 12S1P or 10S1P and i need a BMS. I will use lipo or li ion" --> There is no li-ion battery with only 1P on an esk8 ! But 1P is prevalent in lipo.


2 weeks reading is a joke if you want build, understand and maintain you esk8. My guess is you need more, really. Hope this help ! I’m not mocking you, I just want to be sure you know what you put your hands into.

Read more :wink:

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Thank you for your feed back, but i thing have batterys 1p with li ion. exemple:

This battery is li ion with 2600 mah. better than boosted board a 123 with 2500 mah, i guess.

if i use 12s1p with li ion will be better than boosted board battery, i guess.

12S, what vesc are you using?

Also that product is oos

If I had known that you were so helpful, I would ask you sooner.

So, my list of parts:

motor mount and gears: (was the cheapiest)

i know the motor not assemble, but i will assemble in the back, and i have done the maths and the shaft is big

motor: (the problem i saw now, with this the max voltage (37V)

but in this site they say the max is 10 S lipo. (i dont know what to do)



wheels: will be Flywheels, i dont have the link. but i saw and with was the cheapest and good

bms: will be 10 or 12


I dont know what to say but your build doesn’t give me confidence

The VESC is okay Not sure about motor Flywheel clones should be fine

Trucks are actually expensive for what they are, you can almost afford real calibers for that much

Also hobbyking shipping is an extra £13 on top for the motor

EDIT - realised if you order the motor with vesc you get free shipping

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the problem i found is the compatibility of trucks and mount, and the trucks of hobby king is out of stock for ever…so i have to change. and i choose this trucks is my be i can mount two motors, but i have to see if i have space, when i receive the product

i’m in europe, and i saw i don’t pay shipping

Are you going for a dual build?

i lost a lot time looking for dual, but i have change for 1, and my be this will work, but i just will order one motor and assembly all, and after if i have space order the second motor

Problem is you can’t go for a dual build. You need special trucks and they are out of your price range.

I have a pair of caliber clones and a motor mount. I could sell to you for a reasonable price - we can sort something out

Then get this wheel pulley


Find a motor pulley somewhere should cost like $5 if your going for aluminium

and then try and get a better motor

That motor mount is going to be nothing except constantly breaking every time you use it

That motor is not sensored which means you must kick-start it every time. You can’t start from a stop electrically.

If that motor gets wet or gets debris in it, it’s game over because it’s not sealed inside.

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what motor you recomend

i also have a 3d printer, my be i can print something forcover my motor

can you take a picture of your caliber and mount