How come no one is talking about Ecomobl?!

Very surprised to find absolutely nothing about Ecomobl on this site. 30+mph, 25+mile range, great components, GREAT customer service, and a US factory in California. I just bought one yesterday after a solid two weeks of exhaustive research.

Sounds great – for the first week.

Good luck if you want to use it or try to rely on it or live in a place where it rains.

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I look forward to disprove that statement. I’ve examined and rode this board and it’s build quality is up there with the best of them. I chatted with a few owners and not one of them had a negative word to say against Ecomobl. I’ll be the first to admit it if it sucks…

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M24. Its amazing

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Looks like a Baja Board which are notorious for breaking down constantly. Too many moving parts.

Prove me wrong with real riders and not spam accounts.

Son I will teach you how to skate. Please please please challenge me in anyway. I’ve been bored.

Cool, come on over, we’ll go for a ride. Bring the M24


Too far away but we can share videos. “Real riders”? Want to see my trophies? Go away and never make a dumb assumption again.

I got the ET I’m riding park and light trail. The ET weighs less than half of the M24. Don’t need all that weight and the wider turning radius.

Don’t they cost about as much as a Trampa?

I don’t think anything can beat the ride quality of a Trampa.

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telling one of the most respected and long time members to go away because you are bad at proving your own points.


Brian wins


I take offense to the “real skater” and “spam” comment bc I have 30 years experience. If he is hurling random insults I’m not sure why he is “respected”. Should have asked me about my experience.I told my wife this is the first time I’ve ever had a disagreement online and the last. Last post. I’ll just read. I could care less. Everyone be good to everyone and be safe.

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Why did you take it as offensive? Man just asks for a simple proof, not just words from seemingly fake account

Like this: my trampa holds very well on hardcore offroad, it is still in one piece. This is path I took with it:

Freaking simple.


What do you mean how come no one is talking about Ecomobl

haven’t you all heard about the sex scandal?


Just looking at their site and what parts are replacement parts gives you an idea - shows you what to be cuatious for when combined with the price. not very impressive Motor lineup unless im misreading.

Choice of battery matches the subpart motors though but i’d like to see these in the rain. Plus playing 2 grand… and no VESC :frowning:


Tflynn sounds too cool for school! I haven’t ridden ecomobl but was chasing some feedback. Saw flynn’s rude responses and had to create an acc to say what I thought.


I have the ET it has the plantary gears I like it wish it had peumatic tires Kinda rides like like a jeep compared to my other boards. I bought the v1 when it was on sale. V2 has larger motor but for the new price I don’t think I’d go for $1500 usd Not enough range for it. Imo

I’ve heard bad things about them

You can find bad things from just about any brand you know. Some are justified others not so. I have the M24 and the only issue i had was bad soldering on the lights. But for this year they really stepped up their game. Alot has changed on the M24 and they also have a pro version now and the ET2 is bigger and improved also. My M24 is far from stock now and probably one of the most extremely modified M24’s arround. Improved steering, 11x4-4 inch quad tires, stainless bearrings and other hardware. 5" ground clearance and 55kph topspeed modified esc’s juiced by dual 13S6 packs with 40t cells. Dedicated trailer also with independent suspension with optional hookup for 3 extra pack s, the list goes on.

How is this board running? Any reviews? Curious.