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How did you get involved with eboards?

I found out about eboards when I saw my friend’s brother building a rc hovercraft that didn’t turn out that well… Anyway, from there I had a look online for some fun electric projects and I came across an eboard video. So I searched up hoe to make one and came across endless-sphere and then came to this forum as well a bit later on.

lol, seems kinda creepy/unrelated

maybe change it to how you got involved with building eboards? that would be a little more on topic, as this is somewhat random…

like for example:

I built my first eboard for a science fair project, because it was the only way my parents (I was 14) would let me spend my $$ on something so “stupid and useless”

I bought the wrong stuff multiple times, absolutely destroying my original budget goals by close to $250USD, and basically got the “I told you so” from my parents… finally I built it, and here I am 2 years later still spending money on the “useless” idea!

On a side note, I wish I knew about ES and eSk8 when I first started, but for some reason I only found out about it less than 6 months ago…

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i like long walks on the beach with my eboard & staring off into the sunset dreaming of what could be…

VERY RANDOM!!! @lox897 i really do love your enthusiasm! honestly… you do crack me up though! :laughing: :joy: :yum:

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Ikr but I changed the topic to something more “on topic”

Speaking of random/off topic anyone do much gaming? (Mainly directed at @cmatson)

haha random questions today indeed!

unfortunately eboards somehow steal all my money, so gaming has to take the backseat most of the time…

My bro and I went in together on an xbox one and a 2 games (madden, and call of duty), but that’s about it… I never really play it either. on the other side, Gaming PC’s are just too much $$ to build, and I’d rather be outside anyways.

I enjoy relaxed competition with some friends, but I wouldn’t really consider myself a gamer :video_game:

Same situation with me. I’m supposed to be getting presents for mum,dad,brother for christmas but e-board has taken all my money.

I got a PS4 and cod but we can’t play with xbox one people…

Do you know much about gaming pc’s?

One day i found my 1991 Ray Underhill ( Powell Peralta ) deck in my closet. I’ve been holding onto that thing since i picked it out of a catalog for my mom to buy in late 1990. I wanted to do something with it but i wasn’t sure what exactly. Maybe i’ll put some indies and 60’s on it and try to learn some tricks again. Or maybe some 70’s and make a nice pusher out of it.

The following Monday i was at work telling a friend about it, and he suggested i strap rockets to it. I was inclined to do so and even doodled out a nozzle system that would allow me to use model rocket engines mounted under the board but directed out under the tail.

All in jest of course.

Except people have really done that and there are plenty of youtube videos of actual rocket sticks, or so i found when I began googling my ridiculous idea. It was during that googling that i found some electric skateboard videos, which ultimately led me to Enertion, DIYElectricskateboard, and Alien. I ordered my first kit from Enertion in September of 2014 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Since then I’ve bought three decks, multiple ESCs, tons of odds and ends, and i’ve even started down the road of making my own decks and building completes for people.

I still have the Powell deck in my closet and it still doesn’t have anything mounted on it.

I think i saw an ad for evolved. I then began researching and found none of the eboard companys made a board that could do what i wanted. I have been into longboard dancing for a while now and had all the stuff i needed to build boards already so why not build my own. With the internet … you can build/fix most anything even if you have never done it before. I remember the days that we had to buy manuals or books lol. Enertian,diyelectricskateboards, endless sphere, ect, had tons of info and people willing to help. Internet = win.

Pc gaming since the 90s. Original cs was bad ass. I suggest building your own rig if you want to get into it. I prefer a logitech mouse and mechanical keyboard. You cant get all console games on pc but some of them come to pc years later. I have over 200 games on my steam account! So your average gamer haha.

Ha! You’re going to have to plan something special for that board, given the role it has played.

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Come on LHB! Get some rockets and power that baby up! :joy:

I wanted to travel to work faster and traveling uphill at 20mph and passing by everyone + saving 5 to 6 hours commuting… Godsend!

Catch the early train, Leave for work later, No need to take a bus ($2.25/one way).

Pass all my co-workers up the big hill.

It’s awesome…

First found the Zboard, then found the Boosted.

Luckily, both weren’t selling at the time and/or weren’t in stock. I wasn’t going to wait 6 to 8 months so decided on building my own.

Hi TorqueBoards, I was just wondering if you got my reply about soldering beforehand? UBEC is the only thing I need soldered before if you can do it. Otherwise don’t worry about it.

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I originally got one of those fake hoverboards and it didn’t seem very useful for commuting anywhere so I found out about eboards and decided to make one. I found about endless-sphere forum and then this one.

In regards to Pc Gaming, as controversial as this statement may be, I have to say that PC gaming is superior in every way to console gaming with the exception of one thing. The only way it is inferior is because it often does not get polished products, even from triple A companies. However, thats actually more of an issue with Companies rather than the platform itself. From a capabilities perspective, a PC can do everything a console can do and more, for probably cheaper as well. Even if you really want that sofa experience you can always hook a PC up to a tv and hook up a usb gamepad. If you want it to be easy to carry around so you can bring it places, you can always get a mini tower.

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I have wanted a motorised skateboard ever since i first watched the B.R.A.T patrol when I was a kid.
but it wasnt until recently i saw what evolve was doing and I wanted to keep my snowboarding skills active over the off season that i decided i would start making my own. I had already built 3 electric bikes so skateboard seemed like the logical thing to do.

A friend mentioned the idea to me, and it kinda stuck until I built it!

I saw a Ted talk from the guys at boosted about a year and a half ago. I thought it was awesome, then started researching.

I have always been a “board” guy. Started skating when I was around 10. Got into wakeboarding and snowboarding around 15. I have always thought about a powered skateboard. It seems that only recently (last 5 years or so) motors and batteries are powerful enough to actually get you somewhere at a reasonable speed at an affordable price. I took a break from car modifications and saved up the money I needed for my electric skateboard project. Really glad I found this forum!

I was looking for “last mile commute” solutions earlier this year. Found out that there is a very active and helpful community of DIYers. Got motivated and started learning how to skate/longboard in last July at the tender age of 55 (Probably the oldest dude here). Now will start my first build with my son very soon. Cheers to all !!!


i love how in the ted talk he talks about how cheap they are to make and build an then now sells them for 1500 USD (used to be 2000)