How do I add temp sensors to a motor and wire them to a VESC?

Hey guys,

I noticed that BLDC Tool has a setting for motor temperature limits. However, I don’t know how to actually wire a temp sensor to the vesc. Is this doable? I haven’t seen anyone on here talking about temp sensors on their motors…

Also, if it is possible, which sensors do I use? I was thinking about a cheap probe sensor like this one.

Let me know!

pretty sure it uses the temp sensor in the drv chip.

you could add a thermistor or something on one of the vesc analog lines. but you’d have to modify the firmware to read the proper pin and configure the sensor.

Totally doable if you can solder and program, but I don’t think its worth the work. i think v6 will have more temp sensors…

If you want to check the temp of the Mosfets then you can go under Realtime Data, click on the Temperatures tab, and check off Active Sampling.

I don’t think motor temp is an issue normally. If your motors are running too hot, it’s likely because of the setup. Too high KV or too high gearing
I’ve checked my motors after climbing a fairly steep hill and they barely got warm. 10s, 190kv, 15/36 gears and 83mm wheels

I do not want to check the temp of the Mosfets. I want to check the temp of my motor.

That does sound like a lot of work… I will be prototyping some new designs, and I really need some sort of temperature monitor. I was hoping that the VESC could do it, because I would like to see a temperature graph over time compared to a graph of output amperage, and the VESC has some nice graphs on the Realtime Data tab.

I wouldn’t be against soldering to the VESC and programming, but I would need some assistance from someone on the forum who know a bit more than me. If that ends up being too much work, are there any other solutions that will give me what I’m looking for?

I will be testing some pretty extreme setups, so I definitely need a temp monitor.

If you check the schematics on Github you’ll see the MCU has an input for an NTC temp sensor:

And there is a separate schematic for the sensor:

I’ve never heard of anyone usng this functionality though. Perhaps Vedder himself could help you over on his dedicated forum.

In that case, you could be the first to setup real time motor temp monitoring with the Vesc.

Somebody asked vedder on his forum about this, at the time the temperature cut-off was not implemented, don’t know if he put it to work in the later firmware releases

As soon as I get some free time, I’ll ask vedder about how I can implement this. If VESC 6.0 still hasn’t been released in the next month or two, I’ll figure it out and keep you guys updated!

Can’t we just use the pin in the hall sensor plug? I mean it literally says it is for motor temp measurements :confused:


So - how is it going for you?

Did you come up how to add external temp sensor to a vesc?

Or are you gonna wait for vesc 6 then :wink:

That’s exactly what I plan on testing!

I haven’t gotten time yet. I’ll probably tackle this during spring break. I’ll keep you guys updated.


Any luck with adding the temp sensor?

I implemented the motor Temps sensor check once for Duffman in the firmware but the tests were not successful. If anybody has a temp sensor wired in the same configuration as the PCB temp sensor (same resistors) then I am happy to help with the software. It’s not hard to implement temp cutoffs in that case. But I don’t have temp sensors installed. Another cool feature would be to add another temp sensor to the slave vesc which checks the battery temperature. But no cutoff is needed there because these Temps will never be a issue as long as the battery isn’t undersised for the system. So it only would be for interest.

OH and the motor Temperatur isn’t added to the actual 2.18 firmware. It’s only avaliable in the bldc-tool but does nothing in the firmware.

How is it going with temp-sensor “inplementations”. 2.18 is still the actual Firmware,… So will the VESC 4 Firmware actually be further developed, probably not cause of the VESC6. So it would be up to some of you coding-freaks out there to finish this work, ahh ? ,-)

The trampa motors have a built in temp sensor. So surely someone has these and version 4 vescs.

It would be really cool if you can get this to work with your firmware. I wonder if it will work on the new 3.1 firmware?

As to the people who asked what you need to hook one up? A 10k ohm thermistor. From the temp pin in the motor angle sensor set, - thermistor - back to ground.

But that does not mean that it is supported by the VESC.

what ? a new FW, is it just for VESC 6 or also for VESC 4 ?



Do you need anything else? how is that hooked up, since theres only 2 pins?