How do I connect a 2-wire BMS for charging only?

I built a 10S5P Liion battery. Bought a 10S 50A BMS that I want to use for CHARGING ONLY. I plan to have a switch that swaps the connection between BMS and VESC. I want to know how to wire the BMS since I am unsure. Here is an image:

There is a B- and P-. Which wires do I connect to these?

EDIT: I already soldered the balance cables on the battery and understand how to connect them.

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Generally B- is going to go to the negative terminal of your battery pack and P- will go to your charging port.



So 3 plugs:

A charge/input plug

  • Battery negative running into the BMS B-
  • Charge plug negative running into the BMS P-
  • Charge plug positive direct from plug to battery

A power/output plug

  • positive and negative direct to the battery to supply a ESC/Motor

A 10 pin/wire BMS plug