How do I downgrade vesc firmware?

Im trying to downgrade my focbox firmware from 3.40 to 3.39 as part of troubleshooting some problems with my setup. Does the vesc tool come with the older versions of the firmware stored somewhere? If not where do I download the old firmware versions?

This seems like a common question so I’m sure someone will be able to link the info I need even though I couldn’t find it. Sorry if that’s the case.

maybe @Jmding can tell you where he found the old FW.

I have vesc tool 0.94 which should include 3.38FW, let me know if you want it.

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Yes please upload that somewhere! I used ackmaniac’s fw since I couldn’t find 3.39

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You can find them in Vedder’s GitHub page, just click on history and browse to the version you want.

cant you just flash ackmaniacs?

Seems that is just all the built firmwares for the latest version. I don’t see a catalog of old versions.

I don’t want to lose the ability to use Bluetooth and metr.

Like @Wajdi mentioned can just go through the history on the github to see any version in the history of the git repository

Think you can just hit view button there on the one for appropriate hardware and then hit download button on the top right of the ‘file view’

For 4.10 4.11 and 4.12 HW versions would be this one:

ackmaniacs firmware supports bluetooth modules i guess you have a built in one then?

Sorry guys, totally forgot about it. Here is the link

Oh wow. I’m dumb. I didn’t expect the commits to be organized so well. That worked perfectly. Thank you. Too bad downgrading the firmware didn’t help me figure out my canbus problem. :unamused:

With ackmainac’s firmware in the past I have had problems connecting with Android and through other apps then just ackmainac’s.