How do I fix my vesc?

My canbus connection broke for the hundredth time and with no lead solder at the store thought J and B weld would be a good idea:weary:
It’s conductive. Don’t know what happened but it was fine till now

Here’s a pic of the lights on both. The one with dim lighting is not normal. It won’t run. Neither will as it’s the master. I was trying to connect the other canbus wire

Have you tried running them individually? Can you also post pictures with the front and back of both vescs w/ the bulk caps?

I haven’t tried running them individually but they’re connected in parallel.

Thanks for your help! I’m hoping the lights would indicate something. The one lights up fine, i imagine it’s good, the other has that dim flickering red light which isn’t right. What can I do ?

You most likely shorted out your can bus, when that happens, U401 blows short, shorting out your 3.3v bus.

Ok. Is that somewhat easy to replace/fix? Dammmmmmn!!! No fuiuuujccckkkk!!!

Does it connect to the BLDC tool? If so, can you type in faults in the terminal to see what what pops up? [quote=“Blasto, post:4, topic:13781, full:true”] You most likely shorted out your can bus, when that happens, U401 blows short, shorting out your 3.3v bus. [/quote]

Also in this case, you might have also blown your STM or DRV

Ya its a fairly easy chip to replace… you can always contact @JohnnyMeduse

It’s always possible, but they’re most likely ok. The drv’s buck converter will be in ocp, the mcu shoud be fine.

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Ok thanks I’ll try the bldc tool when I get back home in 3-4 days. I wasn’t sure if it was ok to even have it plugged in but I guess what’s done is done. I’ll tell you what it says then. It flickers and doesn’t look good

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It’s great having you guys around. Wish there was a guide to how the vesc works and can be repaired for idiots.

Replace U401, don’t burn shit around u401.

Use a proper CAN bus cable next time, jst ph 4pin

The proper cable always ends up breaking on me and even soldering does too eventually. I’ve been talking about potting them for years and should’ve long ago…likely would’ve saved me huge downtime


For a reliable connection, i ended up getting a whole bunch of these cables, very handy

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